By acme - 04/10/2012 06:20 - Israel

Today, I found out why it might be awkward to have your plumber and your least well-behaved dog share a name. Bad plumber. FML
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This picture in my mind... Which one sh**t on the floor?

What's in a name? I'm sure he'll just have a giggle over it. At least you didn't say "Good Plumber. I'll give you a nice big bone".


jaylaufers 13

That's just embarrassing..

Haha I think it's rather funny. Hopefully your dog or the plumber could appreciate it.

I find this FML quite vague. Ok, so the plumber was bad, but how? What'd he do?

25, thread-jacking is equivalent to licking your own privates for attention.

27- how is this thread-jacking? I was replying that I don't know what even happened, thus how can it be embarrassing. And thread-jacking is like shit, it happens. I see you're new here from your amount of comments. Don't let those things bother you, you'll have a bad time.

BeforeItWasCool 12

I think it was OP scolding the dog, and the plumber taking it to mean OP was calling him "Bad ___" whatever the name was, rather than the plumber having done anything. And 27, that was far from thread jacking. It was actually related to the thread..

chell1894 13

31 he could not be new. I've had my fml account for about 2 1/2 years now but I don't always have time to get on and comment working full time and going to school.

It was a stupid question anyways considering how many thumbs down you got.

73, let it go. Before the FML community drops down on you just from being sick of hearing you cling to the issue.

And now Mr. Gandalf himself is in on the conversation. I have no idea why people can't either respectfully offer their opinions or just shut the hell up.

mowmowlife 21

Well, opposed to one 'bad' question, you made three equally bad statements, according to the thumbs. Which is three times worse, mind you. Anyway, bringing up irrelevant things like licking one's genitals and a value of a question merely based on a rate and telling someone to shut the hell up doesn't really fall under respectful...

This picture in my mind... Which one sh**t on the floor?

Hehe " Today I was working as a plumber in a clients house he called me upstairs and angrily accused me of shitting on the floor FML "

Maybe it is because they both lay pipe.

Or bad plumber stop humping OP's leg haha

KaeporaGaebora 4

Dane Cook: "Someone shit on the coats!"

Did you give him a treat and make him beg?

Llamassss 21

I don't know about you, but of I got the treat first, I wouldn't be begging afterwards.

Llamassss 21


Haha the poor plumber.

Why would you even need to say that? Did you introduce your dog to the plumber?

I would say something, but its too easy.

ioiehsos 2


What's in a name? I'm sure he'll just have a giggle over it. At least you didn't say "Good Plumber. I'll give you a nice big bone".

RedPillSucks 31

the plumber got a boner and the dog got a red rocker

Bad plumber . No treats for you!

cheshireau 26

Who names a dog Plumber??

And I have a cat named chicken :)

I've noticed that now a days, a lot of people are starting to give their pets common human names. No more Busters, Dukes, Lady and such?

Buster? Duke? Lady? Those are my kids' names!

Um, yeah... Sorry Noor. I was in charge of the invitations to the baby shower, and I accidentally burne--I mean lost--yours. You didn't miss out on much, anyway. You know how Doc likes to talk.

Ah Noor, one of my cats is named 'Cosmic Creeper' .... Of course that's not a common name. But all black with blue eyes, I couldn't help it. :3 My 7 year old brother named his cat 'Sammich Head'. Gotta love random.

RedPillSucks 31

people are using high-falootin names like Kingston and carter.

My animals do not get human names, I got Worm, Ecko, Wombat, Kricket, & Sloth :). Human names just don't work for animals, awesome name Plumber!!!

The dog's name isn't plumber. The plumber and the dog have the same name.

My cats name is Cthulhu and my mums dog is called Titan and our bird is unofficially Bitch. I feel weird giving 'normal' names to pets.

hahaha that's awesome lol, why'd you name your dog plumber? pretty cool name though.

At least it's just his occupation not like his actual name.