By Jane - 07/12/2009 10:33 - United States

Today, I found out the weekly coffee talks my husband was having with his ex-girlfriend stopped involving coffee about 2 years ago. FML
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It took you how many years to realize that private meetings between him and his ex could be a problem?

Why was he even having "talks" with his ex girlfriend??


It took you how many years to realize that private meetings between him and his ex could be a problem?

Yea I mean maybe they ended up staying friends, but come on at least check on them every once in a while... It would just sound suspicious to me. Though still FYL because he abused your trust :(

Why was he even having "talks" with his ex girlfriend??

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#69, did you not read the FML? I Quote, " Stopped involving coffee about two years ago" Means that her husband had been rooting his ex for two years. Dipshit. @OP, Were you not even a tad suspicious? I mean 'Coffee Talk' just sounds dodgey.

ya i mean really... i so wouldnt let mine do that! lol YDI for letting him o:

Hahahahahaha I agree with #1 Why the heck would you allow him to go talk to his ex weekly for over two years?!?!?!

I'm still on relative good terms with one of my ex-boyfriends from high school. We are not romantically interested in each other at all now...I love him as I love my own brother. My current boyfriend has no problem with the two of us hanging out when I visit my hometown. People don't HAVE to cut off all ties to every ex they've ever had, you know. Obviously the OP's husband is a jackass for abusing his wife's trust, but not all of us are whores/manwhores who cheat with past lovers. That being said.....FYL for being used and cheated on, OP.

I'm on good terms with my ex too... we text and if I'm having a few people over I'd have him too. He gets on very well with my current boyfriend. However I would find it very weird to go out with him alone... I think my boyfriend would find it very weird too. I don't understand how the OP was okay with weekly meetings...

Though, I do admit that a weekly meeting sounds a bit suspicious. Maybe a few times a month if they're very close friends, but every week?

yeah you should be able to interact with the oppositie sex, and keep on good terms with an ex, and be okay with a visit here and there. BUT a weekly coffee visit... right away that sends Red Flags. I'm Sorry OP that he violated and disrespected your trust like that. Start Divorce proceedings.

> Maybe a few times a month if they're very close friends, but every week? A few times a month is weekly.

myfriend_youfail - there is a difference between catching up with an ex whenever you go back to your hometown, and having a coffee date with them every week.

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people like you make me mad

I think it's trying to communicate with us...

Oh lord. People like you make me sick, terrible grammar, all caps, not even full words written. Are you twelve? Please gtfo of here and learn to write properly you illiterate twit.

Good god you poor woman. Although I wouldn't have been so ok about him having these coffee dates. My own huband tried to have coffee dates with his ex out of guilt but after six months I had to put my foot down (she was a vindictive psycho bitch and everyone but him noticed..) and he agreed and all is well with the world again. Chuck the cheating bastard and find yourself a man who will treat you with some respect.

#14 I never said she deserved it, because she definitely didn't. I was empathising with my own experience. Besides, I disagree, it doesn't make it sound like one doesn't trust one's partner. It is not trusting the ex that is the issue. My issue was that I didn't like my husband's ex attempting to wind me up by using my husband. I knew he'd never do anything, I just didn't want her to have the satisfaction. And indeed, now that she isn't being a psycho anymore. I have absolutely no issue with them chatting. It was unfortunate bad luck that her husband didn't deserve the trust that she put in him.

I think they meant to reply to comment #9 left by mastershinigami. FML comments are getting all messed up again.

Oh! Then I retract my defensiveness :p

They just go straight for the creamer.

You know what they say about coffee - once you go black, you don't ever go back.

Actually, BSR, my personal credo is: I like my women like I like my coffee: cold, bitter and barely tolerable with the addition of artificial chemicals.

Well put. Permission to use that credo in the future?

Fair enough. I won't even think about profiting on your intellect.

Yeah you couldv'e seen that one comming. Him still going around with his ex once in a while but every week? That IS suspicious even if it wasn't his ex-girlfriend.

I get if you are still friends with your ex, and you want to keep touch, but WEEKLY? That's a little much.

You said that already (#10)