By Anonymous - 07/09/2013 04:37 - United States - West Hartford

Today, I found out the unionized cleaning people that empty the garbage and clean the toilets make $19/hr and have more paid time off than I do with my college degree. FML
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That sucks op, but if you go through your career focusing on what others are earning you'll never be satisfied

Go clean up someone else's crap and report back to us on whether or not you still believe they should be paid so little.


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Go clean up someone else's crap and report back to us on whether or not you still believe they should be paid so little.

and that makes sense how, #1?

No, just let this guy clean his own crap.

I hope #1 means $50/hr. $50 a day is low, maybe that's what he'd be willing to do it for.

Grauncho 27

Unfortunately #8, people like #1 actually exist.

Why clean up crap when you have toilets to do it for you?

I'm a union building cleaner myself. So eat shit with that comment you stupid koala fucker.

Listen you fuck tard... Your probably like the ignorant small dick pricks I work for whom is respectful, suddenly doesn't remember how to flush a toilet so I have to do and walks in thinking he can still use a bathroom even though there is a sign saying "do not enter" a lady is cleaning this damn bathroom.... You should do it for one day... You wouldn't last .... Dick shit

tintaroja 14

Maybe for this person, in his/her country, $50 is a lot.

I'm sorry guys I means $50 an hour

why the hell is this in intimacy??

Guys, I think he meant an hour, not a day. Easy mistake, and just look at how it's written. Definitely supposed to be supporting those who clean up our waste. And I personally agree with what he MEANT to say.

I see a career change in your future!

I think the key question is what type of major did OP graduate with in college?

Liberal arts.

I say philosophy

A lot of the time, entry level pay is really low. That is, if OP just got out of school. Wait a few more years and hopefully you'll find a better paying job!

That sucks op, but if you go through your career focusing on what others are earning you'll never be satisfied

Exactly. Also OP, always remember that education comes first, money second. The $$$$$ will follow through, trust me.

I guess you should apply for that position then ;)

Lucky them. Not so lucky you. Still be happy you even have a job at least.

They should be paid even more for the work they're doing.

monnanon 13

why its not a hard nor a skilled job. i have to clean the office toilet and empty the garbage as part of my job too and i make minimum wage. i also have a uni degree and not a useless one either. not everyone is in a position to move for a degree oriented or better paid job either. in short getting paid that much to clean a toilet is ridiculous unless everyone constantly has explosive diaoreah.

meherm 11

#25- I hope you realize it's not just cleaning toilets and taking out the garbage. We dust and wipe down desks, clean any finger smudges on glass surfaces, make sure bathrooms are restocked, wash any dishes, vacuum the floor etc. I know this because I work along with my parents and do this every day and it's not just one office building, we do three! So I would hope we get paid a hefty amount to do that Mondays-Fridays from 7:00-1:00 am.

meherm 11

I meant to put "every night" not "every day".

I know this comment won't make me popular, but I think $19/hour is a ridiculously high wage for someone who cleans. It's unskilled labor. Literally anyone who isn't disabled in some way can do it. And while I agree that people should earn more than minimum wage and at least enough to live on, it's just greedy for unions to demand so much money for unskilled labor when so many people who are educated and skilled and have families to care for can't get a job at all, much less one in their field. Higher wages for unskilled workers are good in one way, but there's also a bad side to them, because the higher the wages are for the employees, the fewer employees that can be hired. If these cleaners had a more reasonable wage, like say $10/ hour (which is also well above minimum wage) the company could hire almost twice as many people. That would make for fewer unemployed people, which is also a good thing, since $10/ hour is way better than $0/ hour.

monnanon 13

oh yes i do know @42 try cleaning out 9 months worth of student crap from 58 flats over the course of the summer. i did that for.minimum wage while i was studing. for 19 bucks an jour i expect your job to contain at leaat some sort of life and deatg situation.

Why is it such a crime for workers to demand higher pay? They are the ones who do all the work.

myeviltwin 20

Wrong it does not matter what the wage is they are not going to hire more people than are needed to do the work. And you try living on $10 an hour. Just because it is "un-skilled" labor, it is still honest hard work and they should get a good wage.

I work as a paramedic at a private ambulance. We recently won a union election and are in union negotiations right now. Working in a job where life or death situations ARE the job I made 10/hr to start. I bring this up because I don't think that anyone should be making minimum wage. Those people making 19/hr have a family wage job. They can send their kids to school with food and supplies. As for OP... time to start a union!

71, True, the company won't hire more people than it needs, but if they weren't spending so much money paying people to clean, the company could spend more money investing and expanding and the need to hire more workers would follow. And $10/ hour was just an example. Don't take it so literally. If $12/ hour or $15/ hour is what they need, then fine, that's what they should get, but $19/ hour to clean is ridiculous. Yeah, it's a tiring and dirty job that ordinarily pays little, but if you want a high paying and/ or cushy job you either need to invest time, effort, and perhaps some money acquiring a lucrative skill, or stick with the tiring dirty job long enough to be promoted to a management position. Sorry, but that's just the way the world ordinarily works, unless a union somehow manages to get its ridiculous demands met.

monnanon 13

wow even with coversion rates we get royally stiffed on our wages in the Uk.

Also realize that this company is likely paying equaling or more deserving workers less because they have pay the cleaners so much. Perhaps OP is one of them.

Everyone keeps talking about their hourly pay and how much they should get like it's the same everywhere. Minimum wage varies from city to city. It's $7.50/hr here, and plenty of people do fine earning that. My husband supports the entire household on $12.75/hr. Granted, we have one, old vehicle and don't have much excess, but our bills are paid and food is on the table. And if most people had their way he'd make less (different argument, I digress). In CT $19/hr is good, but not great. P.S. I've been a hospital housekeeper: cleaning blood, urine, feces, and vomit in addition to the sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, baseboard scrubbing, surface sterilizing, trash emptying, sharps disposal, window cleaning, and more, all for local minimum wage. It's a sucky job, but not difficult and certainly not worth super high pay. Anyone with arms can do it.

You make a good point, 84, but since OP seems surprised at these cleaners' wages, I think we can assume that $19/hour is a lot of money in that location. BTW, your husband sounds like a really great guy.

TheDrifter 23

It's all in where you are. Here, it's hard to find workers, and cleaners need to be trustworthy to be left around valuables and sensitive information unattended. I pay my cleaner $20 an hour. Minimum wage just went up to $8.85 (I believe, nobody but tipped employees make that here), but we're so short on people who need work that serving coffee at Tim Horton's pays $14. Only problem is that everyone making more money makes everything more expensive.

Generally, the higher the wages, the higher the stress and personal responsibility (you make choices that affect people's lives, if not directly jeopardizing them). Just because a job is unpleasant, does not mean that it is necessarily stressful (obviously this varies with work conditions, management, etc.). If a job is so unpleasant that it it physically stressful, workers should be paid more to do it.

I live on $10.14 an hour.

If you worked in a hospital I'd hope you'd realise that that is actually a dangerous job - bodily fluids transmit disease, especially in places where sick people tend to congregate. Like, say, a hospital.

RedPillSucks 31

No one is factoring in how many people are actually willing to do that kind of work. Every company needs someone to do shit work, but few people are willing to do it. I'm no economist, but doesn't that by itself drive up the wage?

TheDrifter 23

It certainly does, but when 1 in 5 are looking for work, patience can keep the wage low, just wait on people's benefits to expire and they'll become desperate enough to take anything they can get, just to keep some form of government benefits coming and food in their bellies.

No, 120, I worked in a hospital and had no idea bodily fluids are dangerous. It's not like we were given very specific instructions on how to handle bio-hazards or warned repeatedly on the dangers of infectious disease and how to best protect ourselves. No one told us that hospital staff are 6 times as likely to develop staph infections as other people and that we shouldn't lick random objects in patient rooms. That explains why I'm dying of 43 different diseases. I hope you, having been on the internet for at least a day, know what sarcasm is. A hospital, like any business, trains employees in safety procedures and holds certain liabilities if anything goes wrong.

I work at a power plant and union ... So if we are union we deserve less ...we have families too ...dont criticize what we get go fight for yours ... By the way i make 27.45 an hour

Grauncho 27

Follow their example.

perdix 29

They provide a valuable service to society. It looks like you wasted 4 years and tens of thousands of dollars (or more) getting a useless degree. You probably should have majored in Garbage Emptiology instead.

And? I wouldn't clean toilets for less than that. They deserve it.

monnanon 13

no they dont. its easy and toilets are not always minging. cleaners dont make that much usually. yes its can sometimes be a dirty job but its hard to justify that amount of pay for any job.

#28 Let me put it this way: Would you be willing to clean up after someone elses mess all day long and every single day for cheap wage when you can work a cleaner simple job (cashier at a store for example with no to very minor cleaning duties depending where you work) for a higher wage? No, you wouldn't. That's why some places offer higher wages on the cleaning part for the fact its a dirty job that most people do not like doing all the time, even in their own house (unless you're a neat freak or someone that finds it relaxing to clean as a stress reliever). I understand that cleaning toilets is not as nasty as heavy duty dirty jobs like sewer maintenance, garbage collection, road kill clean up crew, etc. but its still a dirty job none the less that most people would not easily sign up for without a good enough incentive like better wages, benefits, expansion within the company, etc (unless you desperately needed a job or it happened to be your dream job to clean up shit from everyone else).

monnanon 13

i have been a cleaner. for student flats. i have also cleaned hotels and i am a parent so i understand what it is like to clean up after people everyday. i now dont do cleaninf everyday in my job but we still pitch in to help i stand by thr fact that it is not a hard job. i did it for years.

Cleaning should not pay that high. Most intelligent people that stay in school can get a better job than that. They clean. They applied for the job. If they don't want to clean they don't have to. $10 per hour sounds way more reasonable than $19. I know teachers who don't make that much, and their job is more important.

If people have jobs like cleaning or gardening, they deserve less money. I understand that the jobs require more work but say they do start making more money. More money than important jobs like doctors. Why would someone want to go to college for 6+ yrs just to make less money than some high school dropout? People not going to college, would be bad cause everyone would be dumber. (i understand this would never happen but apparently there are people who think people scraping shit off toilets deserve more than people who have done things with their lives.

RedPillSucks 31

Because that highschool drop out is doing work that no one else is willing to do.

In this economy, somebody is always willing to do the work...

dont compare or put yourself above others. hopefully youre doing something you care about.

#17 you're an idiot