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  43bubba34  |  25

You can never have a "small termite problem". If you see one that means there are thousands more, and they mate like crazy. So a "small termite problem" can turn into a huge one in about a two weeks. So ydi.

By  1personinthiswor  |  0

haha, if it was that bad, why did you believe the inspector when he said "small" problem? It should have been obvious. Termites don't stay in the walls all the time, and even if they did, you'd be able to hear that many of them.

By  joeinthedark  |  18

If Mike Holmes has taught me anything, it's to never trust any home inspector that isn't him. They're all untrained and unregulated and never do a good job of assessing your home.

You should always follow behind him, looking at everything and maybe getting specialists in to look at things that look shifty. This is your home you're talking about here.