By MSguy - 27/08/2018 14:30

Today, I found out that the medication that's been free to me and has given me no noticeable side effects will be $1500 a month for my new insurance. This is a medication used to prevent my MS relapses. FML
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Get a medication authorization and get it covered. They'll probably cover it if you apply for it.


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ohsnapword 21

Get a medication authorization and get it covered. They'll probably cover it if you apply for it.

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or talk to your doc about some free samples. a friend of mine who doesn't have insurance downloaded that, not for a major illness, but mostly antibiotics and stuff. some pharmacys also have a card program where you can go prescription cheaper

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Why? it is his new insurance which is at fault. Nothing to do with Obama. Are you one of the "blame Obama" people?

It may not help, but try this app called GoodRx. It shows you all the places to get a certain medication cheaper. Where CVS may charge you like $50, Walgreens would charge you $7. Very good app. Worth a try.

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Go to the manufacture's website (ie pfizer) or google your medicine + coupon and see if they have a copay assistance card/plan available. I needed active vitamin D pills to deal with seizures so severe I otherwise couldn't get out of a hospital unless I could be unhooked from my IV bag. At 10 dollars a pill x 4 pills a day I was making jokes that Viagra would be cheaper! I also missed jury duty because I was in the hospital having seizures.

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If you're in the US - it sucks to be you. If you're anywhere else, there are programs that can help you get the meds you need at an affordable cost.

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Wow that's shit. I don't know how US healthcare works but I hope you manage to get it sorted. As someone with MS and living in the UK I have just completed round 2 of Lemtrada on the NHS. I can't imagine the stress of going through all of that while having to work through insurance, getting things approved etc. Not sure what drug you were on but assuming you have RRMS could you look into Lemtrada? There is also a facebook support group that could help (I think) with regards to insurance. Best of luck getting things sorted and staying relapse free.

A friend of mine has meds that no longer work and she has MS, she uses medical marijuana, maybe you can try it?