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Today, I found out the guy that my girlfriend introduced as her brother was actually her boyfriend. I also paid for him to come out with us to the movies several times. FML
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If you say gullible slowly it sounds like oranges.

If you say 'This is my brother', people tend to believe you. OP trusted their partner enough to believe the now obvious bullsh*t floating out of her gob.


If you say gullible slowly it sounds like oranges.

If you say 'This is my brother', people tend to believe you. OP trusted their partner enough to believe the now obvious bullsh*t floating out of her gob.

Why would she bring her brother who is most likely their age along?

I see what ya did there...

Hey look! gullible is written on the ceiling!

I don't think OP is gullible, he's/she's being nice by taking the 'brother' along with them. But he/she should have noticed.

So in other words OPs gullible.

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He could have been a really good actor. If OP, didnt pick up any signs than they probably did a good job.

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The sad thing is that I just tried it...

I bet it got weird when they started to make out

I kinda agree. Why wasnt op like "why are we bringing ur brother along and why doesnt he look anything like you? And why do you guys look for oppertunities to be alone? And why does he keep touching you? And why are you such good friends with your brother?". Seems like there are a few signs he coulda picked up on

How many people tried this? Hands up of you fell for it!

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don't even try.

*poker face*

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I dunno, I've let my sister come on a couple dates or brought my date over to spend time with her after. However my sister is autistic and it helps her deal with my being in a relationship and me not being around as much... So I can understand if they where told brother was disabled in some way, or even chronically shy.

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Me too xD

That's not always true. I bring my little brother out with my boyfriend and me a lot. He looks as old of not older than me, when I'm actually 4 years his senior.

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#124 - You completely missed what happened to OP.

I fell for it :(

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#129, she wasn't necessarily talking about the FML. She was replying to the comments about why someone would take their siblings out on dates with them.

What i wanna know is why the real boyfriend would go along with it :P is it just some kinky joke he's in on or is he even dumber than the op? I'm confused.

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fattylumptard 1


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So how did the dates go Little Awkward huh ?

Still a better love story than Twilight.

Lol I guess I'm gullable :)

Not really but it made me think of oranges... Close enough...

I feel rlly stupid cuz it took me until after I read the comments and slowly sounded out gullible that I finally got it. :/

OP wasn't gullible,they can just be easily used...

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Lol you just proved that guy's pt about being gullible ;)

The point of my comment was to show that OP was gullible, not to make people try it. ??

#1 So true

why did I say it out loud?! lol ;) So you actually have sex with your gf? great bf he is!

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That is one of the funniest things I have ever read lol

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Lol sorry op, got tricked bad. Next time try and make sure of it if u doubt it

I think it's quite appropriate to say "dump that bitch" and slash her tires etc...

Slashing tires is pussy shit, cut her brake lines!

so did she tell her other boyfriend that you were her brother?

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I'd give that dude a headbutt.

9 i read tires as tits... Wow arent i smart?

"This is my brother. He has volunteered to pay for all our dates from now on. "

That really sucks. :p

Isn't that the reason why it's on FML?

We have a Sherlock Holmes in the house

What a pair of $#!t$

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A pair of what?

GovernorGeneral 8

I believe it says shits.....

How about, what a bitch...

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tparis123 5


A pair of fucktards, slut puppets, dick faces, cock gobbling fuck face retards? What are you trying to say. It's killing me not knowing.

And you never wondered why she was making out with her brother on your dates?

Hey, Doc, wats in that x-ray??

Actually, it's a vibrator with the handle broken off.

rosary143 1

No seriously what is that?

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43, 29's right. Look on his blog, it tells you what it is.

I want Doc here to answer my question, and ask me if I want a carerot!(yes, it's a Bugs Bunny reference)

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It's a dildo lodged inside the anus.

BostonBruinFan - yes, it's a patient with a broken vibrator in his rectum.

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go to his BLOG its a broken vibrater up a guys butt

Mmmmmm.....Sorry Doc, now it's changed, and I'm using the app ATM, cuz my computer is getting fixed and I can't find your blog. Are you an actual Doc? Hey, Doc, may I wez have another carerot?

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That's messed up. Clearly they have issues.

Wow what a female dog...

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I believe the word you are looking for is 'bitch'

You mean his DAD??? READ his name!! What are the first three letters?

Um wtf. That's seriously messed up! Hope you dumped her.

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Whatever happened to the "oh don't worry, he's gay!" game?

you should beat him up, and dump her if you haven't already...

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I'm pretty sure he dumped her the second he found out unless he's friggen stupid