By addicted2v / Saturday 21 January 2012 13:25 / United States
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  ninjacapo  |  2

I kinda agree. Why wasnt op like "why are we bringing ur brother along and why doesnt he look anything like you? And why do you guys look for oppertunities to be alone? And why does he keep touching you? And why are you such good friends with your brother?". Seems like there are a few signs he coulda picked up on


I dunno, I've let my sister come on a couple dates or brought my date over to spend time with her after. However my sister is autistic and it helps her deal with my being in a relationship and me not being around as much... So I can understand if they where told brother was disabled in some way, or even chronically shy.


Mmmmmm.....Sorry Doc, now it's changed, and I'm using the app ATM, cuz my computer is getting fixed and I can't find your blog. Are you an actual Doc? Hey, Doc, may I wez have another carerot?

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