By Anonymous - United States - Fairmont
Today, I found out that while my sister can somehow manage to keep an eye on and control her three preschool-aged children at the park, making sure nobody steals my dog from right beside her is just too big of a job. FML
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  MaydayParadexx  |  18

18 maybe op had to go to the bathroom? Or had to run to the store for a minute? Or as suggested above, had a dog sitter. Point is, the sister was responsible for the dog. And if the kids were controlled, she has no excuse for letting the dog escape. Kids are a little more important, but dogs are like kids to some. If it was too much responsibility, she should have said no.

  Sigilwen  |  21

the dog did not escape, it was stolen It doesn't matter how well behaved the children are you still need to keep an eye on them, not out of concern they will run off but concern that some one will abduct them.