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  lucyisbae  |  18

This is literally the stupidest thing I have ever seen. That's like someone saying "I got shot today," and you replying "well then next time don't be the same place as the shooter."

  Lurked  |  4

well I didn't say it was right :] I do believe he is an ass hole and should be run over by a train :) but god knows maybe he is dumb enough to do it because she doesn't trust him :) never the less I that that they should get divorce and he should go see a therapist for his messed up mind :]

  cradle6  |  13

WTF? Get the hell of this site. You don't need to be talking to people. OP did nothing wrong and you're telling her to kill herself.

seriously, you're an asshole

  DocBastard  |  38

Butthole, nobody is trying to deny your right to free speech, but when you make yourself sound like a complete dickhead, expect people to call you out for it. I found your comment repugnant, but I support your right to say it. I also support the right of others to lambast you for it.

  stayc0103  |  0

really!?! if it wasn't the nanny it would of been someone else like a coworker or a neighbor! op might wanna pay more attention to the needs of her husband than worrying about trust issues at a therapist. that's why the husband has time to screw around because she doesn't pay attention or give him what he needs.

  amypr  |  20

Yeah, great point stacy. How dare she go to a therapist and try to work out her issues for the good of the relationship while her husband is at home with needs? She needs to stay in the kitchen.