By Anonymous / Friday 30 October 2009 15:36 / United States
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  egaonogenki  |  0

My Geodon medication also says "Take With Food," but sometimes I took it straight, and nothing happened to me.

No behavioral changes happen to me either. I think Geodon amounts to nothing more than a sugar pill. FML


  troyboyd05  |  0

I lol'd cause I pictured some old guy giving a lecture the you just hear "Oh good Lord!" And see some dude running towards the door clutching his ass.

  Reyo  |  2

The thing is he didn't KNOW what he was taking. If he knew what he was taking, chances are he would've eating food with it to avoid such a situation. If he thought "I'll be fine" after following the directions for the last coupld of days of taking the medication, then that's a FML. If he thought "pfft, I'll be fine" on his first dose, he's an idiot for making assumptions about what the medicine would do to him.

By  idkweird  |  0

The only times you get a reaction like that, from what I can tell, are if you are allergic or if you get C. Diff from the antibiotics. Usually if a patient is on antibiotics and starts having diarrhea, they immediately check for C. Diff.

You may want to go see a doctor IF this is true.

  MoobyTheCow  |  2

It's not necessarily C. diff. You can get loose stools simply from killing the normal flora. C. diff doesn't automatically take over every time this happens.

If it's like a foul, greenish diarrhea, then it's probably C. diff.

By  OhHerrrooo  |  0

at least you made it out of class in time!! and i guess you (& anyone who read this one) will probably ALWAYS follow directions on medication, lol. which you should do anyway.... (unless it says "don't drink", where's the fun in that?)

By  Lokis_Demise  |  0

Hmm... This reminds me of a game I play... err used to play... Conkers Bad Fer Day... Anyone who dosn't know should go youtube "Conkers bad fer day: Great Mighty poo"...

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