By iamnotalawyer - / Monday 26 March 2012 04:55 / United States - Glendale
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  ALpein  |  0

My first thought, before considering the possibility of his own children, is that to find this out, he'd have had to confront the children for some reason. Which would be a scary occurance on their part.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

I have the opposite problem. Small kids would always run up to me, grab my leg and yell "Daddy"!!!!
I'm black and I've had black, white, asian, and indian kids do this.
Their parents did not think this was funny.


Today, at a restaurant, I was joking around trying to make my friend laugh by pretending to be a ninja. I did this by putting my napkin in front of my face. I happened to look over at another table and saw that a lady wearing a burqa was giving me the most evil glare I have ever seen in my life. FML

By CrushAdrenaline / Friday 27 August 2010 09:46 / Canada
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