By Anonymous - 09/10/2015 17:34

Today, I found out that what I thought was "acne" is actually an allergic reaction to a cream I've been using for years. I thought the cream was helping me with the breakouts but my doctor says the real acne probably went away naturally years ago. FML
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Well look on the bright side, no more acne now! Shit, I Wish I could say that

You're meant to swap skin products regularly for reasons like this


Ugh that sucks!

You're meant to swap skin products regularly for reasons like this

Never heard of that. Only heard you should start using one new product at a time so you can see if something develops.

agreed with #23. the last i tried to changed products, my face was covered in acne. so i switched back to my normal product, and it was all gone. i wouldn't recommend switching products if your face is already used to one kind.

Sorry op that sucks- I hope it didn't leave any scars or anything! What did the doctor have to say about it? S/he should have known better

Might not be the doctor's fault. OP said the doc said the acne probably went away years ago, so this could've been the first time he sought medical help for it and the doctor then knew it was allergies, being the hero and saving the day. Either case, fuck OP's life :)

I really think dermatologists in general (from what I've seen) either don't care about their patients or have no idea what they're talking about. My brother went to one for over a year, as he had bad acne problems as a teen. The guy told him diet doesn't effect acne, so my brother didn't change his bad diet. At 19, he finally listened to my dad, who had been telling him for years that he needed to eat better and it would go away, and it cleared up almost immediately.

That's because the studies on it can go either way, so entirely scientifically the link between acne and diet is mostly unproven. A few studies say that while diet can make people who already have acne have worse acne, diet is not the only cause of acne, just aggravater. I bet your brother developed acne naturally as a teen due to genetics or whatever, then due to being continuously aggravated by diet it continued into his early adulthood (Source: acne sufferer who has done a lot of research) So no, the doctor is not an uncaring dumbass, he just didn't think that diet would be a factor in your brothers acne.

That really depends on what you consider to be dieting. I just mean he ate a lot of sugar and unhealthy stuff. I'm 99% sure that eating a lot of sugar and bread has been proven to make your skin more oily, and that can lead to acne in teens. I'm no saying he never would've had acne if he had a better diet. But it definitely wouldn't have been as bad or lasted as long, and for the dermatologist to say in that diet has absolutely no effect on it is pretty ignorant.

Well look on the bright side, no more acne now! Shit, I Wish I could say that

Well now you know to stop, will be through with "acne".

Haha, I feel bad for you but that is kinda hilarious.

Happens when you use ass cream on your face.

Dick cream is way more healthy for your face, at least that's what my fucken ex kept telling me.

The whole thing is a scam. I'll bet the company who makes that cream knows their product is allergy prone, but sells it anyways to hook customers like you! those dastardly devils.

Well that's an easy fix...