By Anonymous - 17/06/2013 19:56 - United States

Today, I found out that the same police officer who has arrested me twice has been sleeping with my wife. FML
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I'm guessing he wants you out of the picture.

Wow. No donuts for him.


I'm guessing he wants you out of the picture.

I wouldn't be surprised if they hooked up while he was in jail. Clever.

I would make a case for conflict of interest and sue the bejeezus out of him. Unless ofcourse you were truly guilty.

PulseShock 9

If you can prove this you can get these chargers dropped. Definitely a conflict on interest, get his badge number and make a series of complaints

Shepardspie71 8

Yes. Sue the police. Good idea. Make sure you never need any help from a cop. Ever

Maybe op got in some really deep trouble and she tried seducing the cop for some leniency? No? Ya get those charges dropped for conflict of interest.

74: there are a lot of small things police have to remember or they (and depending on severity the department) could be sued. And they aren't talking about suing here;they are saying that if there isn't enough proof of his crimes or it isn't severe, prove his wife was sleeping with the cop and the charges will be dropped because of conflict of interest.

Wow. No donuts for him.

RetardedPotato 6

There's OP's (hopefully ex-)wife's donut if you know what I mean.

Copper seems to enjoy glazed! :P

Did he leave his cuffs in your bed?

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Simple solution: divorce her and stop breaking the ******* law.

rg350dx 29

Probably forgot them after he completed a strip search of OP's wife

*don't you mean cavity search? ;)

abbttmc 12

That blows

iammeorami 25

op's wife can be to op: " now your just somebody that I used to blow"

Wow dude that really sucks. If I were you I'd divorce your wife and don't pay for the fines

.....and then end up in jail, again. Either hire one of OJ Simpson's lawyers or pay the fines, along with divorce or marriage counseling.

jab7769 8

Have you watched fracture. The fact that he is sleeping with his wife is grounds for miss trials because of conflict of interest.

You should find out the police code of conduct for your area, he could be fired for adultery.

roshae_16 11

Ha! Im sure oj's BEST lawyer is um... Well... DEAD!

Yes he can be fired but for conflict of interest or abuse if power. I would find it hard to believe that the same scumbag dirty cop isn't abusing a little power. Also divorce the bitch and make sure she ends up with as little as possible. Oh and try not to bruise her it will come back and haunt you.

challan 19

Sucks for you, but good for her! From criminal to justice upholder... She's stepping up in the world.

Cheating is only morally criminal.

NerdyPanther09 6

I'm sure there's something he can do if the arrests were personal. If he was legitimately arrested, then, yeah, he's screwed.

Actually, cheating in a marriage is a breach of contract. He can divorce her and not have to deal with alimony or anything of that nature an possibly sue her. And the officer can lose his job if it's proven that it was personal.

OhDearBetrayal 25

This is not what feminism is about.

He can lose his job for having an affair with her too if the dude makes a huge stink about it on the news.

Your a bitch aren't you

johnnie254 7

dude, shut up...

TheDrifter 23

Well, now we know how you made bail.

This is hard to call. Yes, it was wrong of the officer to have an affair with your wife, but we don't know if you deserved those arrests or if it was simply malice on the officer's part.

I agree. Could be that the officer is a dickbag, could be that OP is a psycho and his wife is trying to get away etc etc.

And occasionally we see common sense come out buried in these comments. Well said 44!

If you can get evidence to present to the court, make that bastard's life hell.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Simple solution really: divorce her, report him and stop breaking the ******* law.

Somehow I'm getting the feeling that he never broke the law

RetardedPotato 6

How does breaking the law give that cop an excuse to bang some guy's wife?

Fucking laws? Do those prevent cheating?

It doesn't give him the right to sleep with his wife but it does give him the right to arrest him.

More like have the wife stop ******* the law!