By Anonymous - 28/06/2012 16:53 - United States - Fallbrook

Today, I found out that the piece of vacant land I purchased for $20,000 is illegal to build a house on, due to acreage restrictions. Thank you, realtor. FML
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I would have done research with the town first. With any kind of construction you want to talk to people about ordinances first. The realtor just wants to sell sell sell.

Could always build a paintball course and get revenue from that


I would have done research with the town first. With any kind of construction you want to talk to people about ordinances first. The realtor just wants to sell sell sell.

This information was obviously given to you after the deal was done so, file a law suit and earn more than $20 000 from that piece of land!(:

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Those were my thoughts. You can trust a realtor just as much as you can trust a used car salesman.

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Yes it is your responsibility as a buyer to know what type of land you are buying. It should have also been on the contract. in there it will tell you how the land is zoned. You should've read the contract before signing.

Absolutely. It's called due diligence. YDI.

Common sense isn't common.

Totally agree. Looks like people now are becoming like Mr. Krabs in which all they care about is money money money :)

In his defense, he may not have access to a support system of people who can advise him on what to do in these matters. Knowing about restrictions and where to get information is not really something people are born with, and personally I wouldn't have a clue. Most likely he would have asked the real estate agent if there is anything further he needs to know or organise and just not been given all the information. That said, if you didn't read the contract and it is in fact on there...YDI.

68 - Go to the town/city hall and ask; they can direct you. If you plan on having any kind of construction done, it's your own fault if you don't know these things (I'm using "you" in the generic sense).

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wow hope it was resolved lol

That sucks, but land is an ever decreasing commodity. Give it time and it will be worth something (you hope)

Unless the population starts going down (which it is in some areas).

Ever decreasing does not equal big bucks in the future btw. Land in the right location should increase in value but that doesn't mean profits will always go up.

The value can't have changed too much since OP bought it. Better to sell fast if you don't know how to play the market.

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That's covered under real estate disclosure law...but that is a ridiculously cheap lot and too good to be true usually is.

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You're talking shit!

Well it depends on where at in the country because the closer to the coasts the more expensive per acre but in Missouri u can get land at like 10 grand an acre

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Cheap? Well I guess maybe where op is. Here you can get a house for that price in decent shape... You will just be miles from anywhere. My 25 acres with 1500sqft house, barn and sheds was $56,000. So cheap is all relative. However... Real estate disclosure law is a tricky thing. If op was told they could build and they can't, and it was written in the legal papers, op does have legal recourse. If op bought it without asking first if they could build and just assumed that, they are screwed.

Could always build a paintball course and get revenue from that

That's actually an interesting idea, haha.

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I was thinking start a mini farm but that works too

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Nope, not unless it was zoned as commercial.

A lot of areas make building a paintball field near impossible. I've worked with many on doing their websites and it's always the same story if they want a new location or want to expand. There is a lot of misunderstanding about the sport, and small minded people are actually against the fields. Just another case of people complaining about people getting in trouble, but trying to kill off anything decent for them to do. Probably the same people who complain when someone rides a bike or skateboard down the street.

Right after he seals the deal and you sign the contract, "Oh yeah, so there's something else you should know..."

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Sorry but YDI for not making sure it was 100% okay

Most likely OP panicked because of the price but, I don't think anyone deserves it.

if the information was not readily available you can rescind the contract

Define 'readily available'? The Buyer has the responsibility and burden of due diligence.

Disclosure. If the buyer asks the realtor about the property and the realtor doesn't truthfully answer. Even by omission. The contract can be made null.

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I cant help but feel this is your fault for not researching.

I've only purchased homes myself, but the truth is, I use a real estate agent to lead me in the right direction. I tell them what I want, what I don't want like HOA's and let them help me find it. Yes, I try to do as much research as I can on my own, but they are the ones who often do the deed searches and everything else. It is, after all, one of the main reasons why you go with an agent when searching. If the agent purposely covered up info, then I feel for op. If op was new to buying and didn't know what questions to ask, I again, feel for op. But some people don't ask questions and then don't get information that is key. Dealing with real estate can be extra tricky in this economy as well. I have always purchased insurance just in case something went wrong and I was misled on the property though. Not really sure what it does since I have only purchased two homes and both turned out to be what I was led to believe.

Meh, maybe there's something else you can do with it. Dirtbike track, underground bunker...missile silo?

A would definitely consider an awesome zombie protection building with spikes and various other sharp instruments to defend against the endless hordes of the undead. I'm serious, better safe than dead.

With the way this worlds going... Wanna go 50/50? I have a strong feeling the T-virus breakout is upon us.

50/50? Sure, you keep to your side, I'll keep to mine.

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Bath salts... That is the T-Virus.

You play too much fallout.(his profile pic is also from the game if you don't know)

I jus recently started playing Xbox again, because my girlfriend recommended I try fallout, I fucking love that game. Instantly #1 on my favorite games of all time.

Lol I got to the town and that's about it. Oh and I killed the doc haha so I'm stuck with radiation poisoning.

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The game is amazing. I have to get it for my PS3, I only have New Vegas. I wish I had FO3 :(