By Anonymous / Saturday 9 July 2011 00:12 / United States
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  KaySL  |  24

For non-payment, Boners. This might actually be one of those incredibly rare occasions on FML where suing is actually justified. Though taking it to a small claims court might be the wiser option.

  PetiteLady  |  4

Friday night must be Clown Night. 1) It cost you REAL money to file a suit, even in small claims. 2) The hippie ain't got jack... no money, no business... only a crack pipe.

Why sue someone for $900, wait 3 months for a small claims hearing, and then get awarded a judgment for squat?

OP... see if the hippie has not pawned his lawn service equipment, he might pay you off in gear.

At least you got your FML posted.... even though you won't have electricity to ever see it! LOL


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