By Anonymous - 09/07/2011 00:12 - United States

Today, I found out that the landscaping job I started three weeks ago is actually for an illicit business run by a hippie who pissed away the entire payroll to fund his drug habit. He has no way of coughing up the $900 he owes me. I'm broke as hell, and my electricity is now going to get cut off. FML
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ABbaby 10

Take him to court?

You should've done some research before, but still. It sucks man/girl.


You should've done some research before, but still. It sucks man/girl.

I would sue him if I were you.

We had to sue our landscapers..

or maybe just tell him if he can't pay his debts you will report him to the police

bigfoot89 4

if only weed was illegal. he wouldn't have to ruin his life and yours.

yummycupkake 0

sueing someone with no money?

Shoot the hippie. Those pot heads take up space and resources anyway.

Friday night must be Clown Night. 1) It cost you REAL money to file a suit, even in small claims. 2) The hippie ain't got jack... no money, no business... only a crack pipe. Why sue someone for $900, wait 3 months for a small claims hearing, and then get awarded a judgment for squat? OP... see if the hippie has not pawned his lawn service equipment, he might pay you off in gear. At least you got your FML posted.... even though you won't have electricity to ever see it! LOL FYL.

What the hell 39, "if only weed were illegal"!? Where the hell are you from that it's legal? Tell me now, I'm packing as we speak!

justynicole 0

weed is illegal, stupid. in most states anyway.

Small amounts of weed are decriminalized in alot of states

calebobadiah 0

WTF does a hippie own a landscaping business?, you think he would be growing weed, not cutting weeds.

Agreed with #55! F---in' hippies! F--- the F---ing F---ers!

viper2426 0

two word "sue that bitch" well three no but really you could sue him, make him give you the 900 then whoop his ass! or just post it on FML! you call

67 have you not heard of Amsterdam ?

It is legal in Colorado, but only for medical purposes.

#103 weed is legalized in the netherlands, not just amsterdam.

sxe_beast 11

We just fired our landscapers. Do you by any chance live near Seattle, lol?!??!!??!?!

your picture scares me

42- your picture makes me think you're a pedophile

I agree, 42 has a questionably pedophiliac pic. Who am I kidding, it's not questionable at all.

sxe_beast 11

Yeah - 42 your pic is the scary one.

herroeverybody 0

71 nice picture

mhinaj 0

he's a jerk

Thabb 0

He's not a jerk, he just doesn't have the money. If he had it he may pay them.

stayawakee 0

7, he used the money for his drugs. therefore, he is a jerk for not thing about his employees first.

Thabb 0

He's an addict. He probably couldn't do anything else.

stayawakee 0

*thinking. auto-correction error, sorry.

22, it's his own fault for ever starting.

Everyone chill, he's going to pay OP in Trident Layers (tm)

2ndSucks 15

72- epic win.

Damn hippies! Ruining America since the 60's! jk

mruizk9 7

beat that dudes ass!

flockz 19

then smoke his weed.


Just ask for weed as payment instead of money! Its better than green paper with words on it anyway! ;)

TheRealHouse 7

You know youre not supposed to smoke the green paper right?


WHAT?!?! NO ONE EVER TOLD ME THAT!!! Well then why is it so dang expensive???

calebobadiah 0

haha 64 "dang expensive" lol

ABbaby 10

Take him to court?

jillianmathers12 13

If he has no money, you can't sue him because there is nothing to sue for!

Sue for Slave Labor.

That could work, even if he has no $, he can still pay it of it physical work or something

nclark95 0

u r stupid, how will that help? he needs a lawyer, both parties do and either way neither of them have money

M0rt 0

If you can't afford a lawyer you can be given one from the state

You are guaranteed a lawyer by your rights as a human being

Wrong. You are grain teed a lawyer by your rights as an American.

start pimping him until you get your money back!

ImaWiseGuy 5

I say take a $900 ass whipping out of him, release a lil anger...

Surferbro 5

sorry bro. :[ epic sad face

veryhighsleepygu 7

thought u were a girl for a second there

icecreammintz 0

Didnt everyone?

Even if his name clearly says "bro" ?

calebobadiah 0

well ur a dude and u have "flowers" in ur name, that's not stopping u is it?

Shadow_Phantom 26

...I'm pretty sure that 68 is a she.

Surferbro 5

considering I'm a surfer and a boarder I'm not sopposed to have short hair

Surferbro 5

considering I'm a boarder and a surfer I shouldn't have short hair

Surferbro 5

but your prob a chill bro so I'm not gonna argue with u

So you just try to be like everyone else who does what you do. How original.

I Would Beat The Hell Out Of Him / :

calebobadiah 0

and then u would get the sh!$ beaten out of you by his poison ivy vine styled marijuana :/

either sue him or beat his ass

stayawakee 0

Sue his lazy ass. He deserves to be sued for everything he's worth.

1himfan666 0

if he's worth anything