By me - United States - West Babylon
Today, I found out that the guy who asked me out only did so because he thought I "looked rich." He broke everything off once he found out I live in a one-bedroom apartment and drive a 14-year old Volvo. FML
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  Stazza11  |  27

Don't chase anybody OP... When the right guy comes along for you he will chase you like no tomorrow he will make sure he can do whatever is in his power to make you feel like the most amazing woman alive! :)

  dimerneckel  |  22

Jeez how did this turn into a "sexism" thing. I was just saying that she should search for someone meaningful, and not someone that only cares about money. Don't get too upset!

  Respect101  |  17

People are going to misspell stuff or use wrong words. I'm extremely tired of people saying oh sorry I'm a grammar Nazi. Which is bull crap, because if that many people were grammar Nazis the world would be smarter than it is.

  91hayek  |  31

I am disappointed I couldn't find a spelling mistake in your reply, which shows you value good grammar and spelling as much as the next person. If you really wanted to make your point you would have written in text speech or l33t speak :p.

  91hayek  |  31

So true. Some people look so rich and well bred like OP, with nothing but their air and graces; and others are so rich but as uncouth and common as they come. And some of us are broke-ass idiots who are as vulgar as can be. I hate being the worst of both worlds. OP halp meh.

By  Trooth  |  13

Think of it this way, you would've become broke if you stayed with him. The richest relationships are those that don't revolve around money. Take it as a blessing and move on.