By WTF - 01/06/2013 04:03 - Canada - Calgary

Today, I found out that the girl I've been talking to online and sending certain pictures to is actually my ex's new boyfriend. He ended up telling me he'd just wanted to see how he compared to me down below because my ex refused to go into detail about it. FML
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inkdeath87 18

That sucks, but it's a lesson! Never send pictures to people online! You never know who's on the other side!

michaelm1290 23

Well then, that is certainly a whole new spin on catfishing


inkdeath87 18

That sucks, but it's a lesson! Never send pictures to people online! You never know who's on the other side!

laya_fml 26

I agree with 1! While it certainly sucks that your ex's boyfriend did that, you deserve it for sending nudes to someone who you don't actually know.

Enslaved, after all this time on FML, I feel I Know, and Trust you! Wink wink

Okay, feel free to send me pictures of "you". :P Promise! they'll be in good hands. RHCP's take it on the "Otherside" music playing in the background. ;)

michaelm1290 23

Well then, that is certainly a whole new spin on catfishing

That's bizarre, I hope you put him to shame OP

Yea if OP is packing then this could actually be a good thing for him, no wonder the ex wouldn't go into detail about it, although it's odd the new boyfriend would care at all

Essentially, his ex's new boyfriend wanted to see how OP is in the size department (a bit odd), faked being a girl online, and convinced OP to send him dick pics to compare to his own.

thanks the last lines of the fmls confused me a lil bit. and of course you deserve it op.. on the internet it could be ANYONE pretending to be ANYONE !

I thought it was just me, I read it 5 times!!!

Epikouros 31

'If he had compared' should be 'how he compared'. I guess OP was going to say something like 'if he had a bigger penis than me', but censored himself or was censored.

The rule of nudes is, always get one before sending one, if you send one you have no leverage and that's how said nudes get "accidentally" sent to all the friends coworkers classmates of the recipient

If everyone followed this, then no nudes would be sent. Everyone would want one first, but who would send second?

Fine then the rule is: don't send nudes, if they matter that much to you then they've seen your junk already in person and don't need a picture

Probably not a bad thing if none were sent.

One thing I never really understood is why do some people pressure/force some people to do them. :/

I find that nudes are double standard gender wise: If a guys nudes were spread throughout a school and he was packing it would be a good thing while if it was a girls nudes it really doesn't matter everyone's still gonna think she's a **** so yea nudes are fun but it's playing with fire

In school, maybe - but in the real world that follows I'm pretty sure it's bad for either.

You never know, either one might set you up for a future in the **** biz haha

5- The rule is never show your face in the nude pics or any tattoos, scars, birthmarks, ect that could identify you.

5- you are sooooo right! The guy would be a hero and cool, the girl will be a **** and *****. I've seen it happen. I'm a juvenile probation officer, everyday a kid comes in with problems in school from pics sent by Facebook, twitter, texting. It's a whole world I never had to deal with in high school and I'm grateful.

It would either happen like 13 said or one of the two would send a fake that looks convincingly real. So you really don't have any leverage anyways.

Was he happy with the results or greatly disappointed?

ApollosMyth 22

Never send nudes to people you really don't know. Even if you know them, think twice.

You should have sent him unrealistically enhanced pictures , would have driven him insane ! Well more insane than he is now.

graceinsheepwear 33

Rule of thumb: females will rarely ask for penis pics. We just aren't wired that way. if you are talking to someone online and they ask for a dick pic, it's probably a gay guy collecting pics or someone messing with you.

Maybe not penis pics in particular he probably asked for a full body pic or something less suspicious than "hey can you send me pictures and tell me the exact length and width of your penis? Thnx"

How funny! I have never ever asked for a penis picture but I've had several guys ask-- me if I wanted to see a picture of their penis? in which they'd happily email to me. Ummmm no thanks! :P Maybe that's their "I show you mine and you show me yours" set up? :P

Idk I like penis pics. If I'm going go date them, I'd at least want to be prepared with what is down there. Not all guys have pretty penises.

But most of us women don't openly ask for them, even if we are curious.

Bostern 29

He sounds like a dick, don't worry it won't be long before you can joke about it, at least he didn't give you a hard time.

Maybe there was another reason he was trying to get nudes. You know... to have a hard time. ;-)