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By  nugget88  |  0

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By  yottskry  |  0

Well...try meeting real women in the real world instead of 'dating' online. Nothing wrong with meeting people online to date in real life, but to spend a whole year talking to someone you've never met and calling it 'dating' is just sad.

  iEnvade  |  2

It clearly says 3 months.. not over a year.
There's nothing wrong with dating online, as long as you BOTH have intentions of connecting irl. Also, you should always validate who you're speaking to before doing anything drastic.. webcams? phone? Whatever floats your boat I guess.

By  ArtsySwag  |  0

Yeah, that's why I don't trust a lot of people online lol. That stinks though... oh wow. You didn't speak to the person on the phone? Surely the boy couldn't have disguised his voice that well?? =/