By Anonymous - 19/10/2010 09:07 - Australia

Today, I found out that the friend I stayed up with for nights on end, talking out of depression and suicide, has 'politely' posted up on facebook that he secretly hates me. FML
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cyfclife 0

Hang in there. Find a true friend or talk with your parents.

I had a similar situation, turned out she was bipolar, that may be the case with your "friend" too.


cyfclife 0

Hang in there. Find a true friend or talk with your parents.

Thunderbender 2

Well at least he was polite about it

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Secretly post some of their darkest fears gleaned from when you were preventing them from suicide.

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KingDingALing 9

^ You're fucked up.

cporter125 0

please don't be emo.

paid2think 0

He did it politely though...

Fail xD And OP, There are better people out there who will be a true friend to you. There are a lot of losers like him out there, But just keep looking :)

Umm that was supposed to be a reply to a different comment, but that comment dissapeared apparently o.o

surferchick96 0

thats what you get for helping people!!!

dubstep87 0

what an asshole tell him to politely kill himself!

lol. politely kill themselves? how would you do this?

RedPillSucks 31

him: Excuse me, I'm all out of "Grey Pupon". Might you happen to have a sharp knife or a gun? her: Why certainly, my good fellow. I hope you don't mind that I've taken the liberty to put hollow point bullets in it. I also have a knife, as well. You may use the 11th floor of my penthouse. Slit your throat, leap out the window, and shoot your self on the way down. Take care not to get any blood on my carpet. Ta ta.

tmmundy 17

now, now....true he may hate her/him(not sure at this point but he may just be saying that bc he was unsuccessful in his suicide....she shld still try and be friends with him bc he may try again, or at least tell someone else so they can get him the proper help he obviously needs.

I had a similar situation, turned out she was bipolar, that may be the case with your "friend" too.

There's no such thing as "secretly" doing anything on Facebook. If it's on the interweb, it's public. Period.


Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

BelleElle_fml 5

Replace "secretly" with "politely" and there would be so many insults....

Belle- let's be honest. One can make essentially any comment and get insulted here.

BelleElle_fml 5

What if I said "I love Kenny from South Park"?

Then you're an idiot for loving a cartoon character. A dead cartoon character. A dead cartoon character with a filthy mouth. See how that works? :)

BelleElle_fml 5

Thanks for clearing it up, "Doc"Bastard.

What did you do to that poor person? You op, are a bad person. no I'm kidding, that person is such a fake homie haha

DarkHelmet 10

Well correct your mistake and tell them "no one loves you so you should kill yourself"

killabee 0

I thought perhaps OP was the one having problems with depression/thoughts of suicide. Maybe he has been putting way to much on this other person and they can't handle it anymore...still douchey to post on facebook though.

killabee 0

she* (I didn't notice OP was female)

pimplayer 0

15,16 and 22 has a weird tounge haha

not funny douchebag.

Nice one! @ darkhelmet


Maybe your friend has a crush on you, but you don't realize it. So he turned emo/suicidal, emos hate everything.