By essay2 - United States
Today, I found out that the double spacing format in an essay refers to the space between each line, not the words. I've been pressing the space bar twice between each word all through high school and halfway through college. FML
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  iluvhobos  |  5

None of your teachers noticed or said anything that whole time? Most schools have a pretty strict format to follow, and points would have been majorly deducted for that if someone noticed, which they should have. And 10, nice, I see what you did there.


Ok sure he's "stupid" but you're missing something here. He may not have double spaced lines, but he's still used a considerable amount by double spacing words. This is a win if he's never been caught.

By  knablbri97  |  0


  L_Lovegood  |  19

...because everybody should be smart enough to know that if there really was a need for more space between the words, the computer-inventor guys would just have made the space made by the spacebutton larger. (soz meant for guy below)

  Shrike  |  22

then wouldn't they increase the spacing between paragraphs too? besides, it's a manual of style issue, not every place uses double spacing. don't get me wrong, the OP's a moron, but your argument is just as fucking moronic