By essay2 / Saturday 24 September 2011 18:47 / United States
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  iluvhobos  |  5

None of your teachers noticed or said anything that whole time? Most schools have a pretty strict format to follow, and points would have been majorly deducted for that if someone noticed, which they should have. And 10, nice, I see what you did there.


Ok sure he's "stupid" but you're missing something here. He may not have double spaced lines, but he's still used a considerable amount by double spacing words. This is a win if he's never been caught.

By  knablbri97  |  0


  L_Lovegood  |  19

...because everybody should be smart enough to know that if there really was a need for more space between the words, the computer-inventor guys would just have made the space made by the spacebutton larger. (soz meant for guy below)

  Shrike  |  22

then wouldn't they increase the spacing between paragraphs too? besides, it's a manual of style issue, not every place uses double spacing. don't get me wrong, the OP's a moron, but your argument is just as fucking moronic

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