By essay2 - 24/09/2011 18:47 - United States

Today, I found out that the double spacing format in an essay refers to the space between each line, not the words. I've been pressing the space bar twice between each word all through high school and halfway through college. FML
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your a really stupid person

MrLefty 8

*You're Unless my sarcasm detector is missing something.


your a really stupid person

MrLefty 8

*You're Unless my sarcasm detector is missing something.

Than so am I

fatme2012 7

YDI. That is all.

None of your teachers noticed or said anything that whole time? Most schools have a pretty strict format to follow, and points would have been majorly deducted for that if someone noticed, which they should have. And 10, nice, I see what you did there.

Didn't OPs teachers ever tell him? They probably marked him/her down for getting the format wrong

I did that in like 8th grade too! don't worry op you're not alone.

I'm still trying to figure out how OP got into college.

What da hell... Then u have had horrible teachers because no one bothered to tell u wat u were doin wrong!

10, I sea what you did there

AffrontedFetus 0

Ok sure he's "stupid" but you're missing something here. He may not have double spaced lines, but he's still used a considerable amount by double spacing words. This is a win if he's never been caught.

Same thing happened to me :P only took me about 2 papers to figure it out lol

drawmesunshine 17

10, 70 Aye did naught sea what yew did they're.

You are a retard

You're the one who likes the islanders. However, OP is still more stupid than you!

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And that's still not how you double space

Dumb Butt Did i do it right?

And no one ever corrected you? That seems dubious.

Wow, how could you be so dumb?

How did he get through high school and college?

That's not their fault. Teachers are supposed to do their job. Not everyone is tech savvy.

seriously? why would you ever think that?!?

hey_its_kristi 0

I thought that's what it meant... In sixth grade.

scruffy_janitor5 1

You sir, are retarded.

...because everybody should be smart enough to know that if there really was a need for more space between the words, the computer-inventor guys would just have made the space made by the spacebutton larger. (soz meant for guy below)

then wouldn't they increase the spacing between paragraphs too? besides, it's a manual of style issue, not every place uses double spacing. don't get me wrong, the OP's a moron, but your argument is just as fucking moronic

I get your point. Sorry.

abouttofly 12

If no one told them what it meant, how are they supposed to know?

because there's a function on Microsoft Word that double spaces your writing for you.

hey_its_kristi 0

^ And how are you supposed to know when to use it, if no one told you?

JustJoJo124 5


wait whahht? that's not what double spacing is? shit