By Drewzter - / Monday 11 January 2010 03:33 / United States
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  kookat195  |  0

I actually new the right way to put on a condom when I was 10 ifigured it was common sense


I lost my virginity about 2/3/4 weeks ago, and when I went to the doctors about contraception, she told me to make sure he pinches the top of the condom when he puts it on. Yeah, so there's somewhere for the sperm to go. Or else it'll either burst the condom or come backwards xD. So, yeah, you know, it is a suggestion. (:

  ECA  |  0

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  bluejay22  |  4

actually it's not, the female system is made to kill sperm, hence only the best sperm are able to make it to the egg, the inside of the vagina is so acidic most of the sperm don't even make it to the uterus, granted this is out of about 10,000 sperm. you blithering idiot....

  monnanon  |  13

those saying the female system rejects aperm are correct. the vagina is acidic enough to kill sperm and the cervix also has its own little tricks to stop sperm getting through. even for those that make it there is not always an egg there for them to fertilise. i remember watching a program on it and thinking its a wonder anyone gets pregnant at all.

  mitch707  |  0

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  KASHMIR_fml  |  0

lol think bout the thought process:
"decent fml let me check comments.
OMG THIS PERSON SAID YOUR INSTEAD OF YOU'RE!!! I'm gonna waste 15 seconds of my life typing this just so I can be a bitch ad get some attention cause I obviously am not creative enough to get responses without being a picky virgin attention whoring bitch."
pick this U FU


Some of you really are idiots. She wasn't being a grammar Nazi, but the fact that the person she corrected was calling someone an idiot and not even using proper grammar when doing so, really does make that guy an idiot. I doubt #11 would have pointed it out if it had said " your cool " etc.

  owencgray  |  10

Well THAT escalated quickly.

also before you hate on people thoink about yurself and your IQ. i doubt his IQ is 148 but still, smart people are little bastards who will bite you in the ass everytime. myself included (i have an IQ of 115. 100 is average).

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