By aqua88 - 05/11/2009 15:26 - Malaysia

Today, I found out that our water tank has had a dead crow rotting in it for days. I took showers and brushed my teeth with dead crow soup. FML
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How does a crow get into a water tank?

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww that's disgusting!!!!


Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww that's disgusting!!!!

you better be a vegetarian

Rotting diseased bird corpse is not the same as an animal killed and refrigerated. So she can say ewww if she wants to.

In some cultures, this is a delicacy.

Personal experience? =D

Yech. I feel for you...

Gross. >.< FYL indeed, but wouldn't it have had some sort of odd odor?

Actually it does have a foul odor, kind smells like death. Though it would also smell like water that's been left in a container for too long =/ to the OP: FYL. I totally know where you're coming from, happened to me too a few years back, only instead of a crow, we had a dead frog in our tank. I've been using mineral water to brush my teeth ever since =/

How does a crow get into a water tank?

simple, it is "TINK_TINK" the magical-super-4_legged-water-walk-thro-walls-COW-ghost. oh and it happens to be in "Malaysia" where ever the hell tht is

You don't know where Malaysia is? XD

It's in Asia dumbass -.- more and more people are uneducated these days...

Yes could you place it on a map? Majority of People cannot name and locate all 50 states and their respective capitals. What is even more sad, people who live in New England cannot name the states that make up New England.

New England: Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire. I don't know a single person who can't locate all the states and is over the age of 10. That's absolutely ridiculous, if you live in the US. I don't know where all the capitals are, but I can name them all. I do know where most of the countries in the world are. The only ones I regularly mix up are the ones on the western coast of Africa, the cluster of little-ish ones near Guinea. I can't ever seem to get those strait.

Pretty sure there was a joke in all this. Breathe people. And I know where all those places are. That's what I learned in grade school anyway.

Yeah I can, since I'm from Malaysia, and I don't live in America so... I don't need to know the states

33-naming and locating all 50 states on a map is easy I don't know capitals for them though because between piano and musicals and homework I don't Rlly have time Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland massachusetts michigan.... yeah. thats about half. I'm taking up a lot of space so I'll stop.

Number 71, you looked up those states, anyone could say that they know them and then recite them but they could have just looked them up right?

That's absolutely disgusting!!!!! Dead crow soup? *vomit* I'm sick and I think I lost my appetite.

Mmm. This FML makes me hungry.

Nothing like water with a slight rotting cow taste.

on the the plus side, if you don't get sick, all hail your immune system...that is a win not an fml...sure its kinda gross to think about...but really unless you suffer an illness there is no fml

This is one of the greatest one's i've read in a while. Just saying. "Dead crow soup"

as opposed to "living crow soup"?

No, just the way the OP said it made me laugh.

I threw up in my mouth a little.. that's disgusting. FYL. For the people who chose YDI, why? Should she have used her x-ray vision to find the crow?? SRSLY

I think that about 80% of people who click YDI on FMLs like these just do it because after you click it, it says "yeah! way to show 'em" and they feel some sort of accomplishment :/

Superman would have done it...

Thats a bummer for sure. FYL sweetheart. I'd move.