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Today, I found out that of the three medications I am taking for depression, one causes weight gain, one causes severe weight gain, and one "might cause weight gain." FML
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kodinbug 2

:( fail. Extreme fail and might cause fail. Not a good time

Hmm, you have the choice of being depressed, or the choice of being fat and happy. Which will you pick? BUM BUM BUMMM!


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That's not even something nice to say. No offense but grow up

Well at least your not taking 8 different meds, including 3 month birth control (causes severe weight gain, one causes nausea and vomiting, another extreme nausea, other one might cause extreme vomiting and diarreah, another sleepiness and appetite loss, another weight gain and weight loss, and I could go on with the others but u get it right? Strange body functions leading to mostly weight gain....

Truth hurts. Laugh in face face of weight gain and exercise it all off!

Leadamp 7

This person is on three different pills for depression and you just decided to laugh at them.

Notice what she's taking the meds for be more sensitive than a rock please. =.=

kodinbug 2

:( fail. Extreme fail and might cause fail. Not a good time

OP, stay positive and look at the good parts of this situation. 1. You have enough money to be able afford the pills (and not stricken by poverty or homeless or something awful like that), 2. You can always lose the weight, 3. Now you're on medication and you be happier in general :), 4. You're still here to post it on FML. Look at it from an outsider's view - you'll be surprised what you may find. :)

This explains why Santa is so fat and jolly !

so what im getting from this is youre very very likely to gain a severe anout of weight. But not certain so maybe the glass is half full huh OP

Stop taking the meds. Being fat will only make you more depresses and just plain unhealthy. Instead, try taking omega-3, vitamin B. Take a yoga class, excercise, get a puppy. Avoid caffeine and excess sugar. ^^ all advice I should be taking myself :)

** depressed Please don't become dependent on medication! Good Luck ~

thiscrazything 1

148^ Agreed! Sometimes there are better ways to fight depression, other than pharmaceuticals with awful side effects. Respect your body, and know what you are putting into it. Don't give up, keep trying until you find what works best for you. Try getting out, adding to your social life. Maybe volunteer your time to help less fortunate people than yourself. Good luck, you have a tough battle, but you can win.

Hmm, you have the choice of being depressed, or the choice of being fat and happy. Which will you pick? BUM BUM BUMMM!

Antidepressants don't cause happiness, they balance out a person's emotions. So even though you aren't depressed, it's extremely difficult to get happy or excited about anything.

It would be worse if she has depression because she's concerned about her weight

"Who wants to be a skinny pencil? I'd rather be a happy magic marker!" - The Facts of Life

summergirl08 0

Hahahaha, this officially made my day...(:

summergirl08 0

No the comments, not the fml

DontClickOnMe 28

I'm sure if you exercise regularly and have a healthy diet, you won't gain too much weight.

A lot of times it's really small amounts of weight anyway and it's not a side effect for every single person taking the medication.

It can be really difficult to exercise and eat healthy food when you are depressed. So it easy to say that. But if they managed it this would help OP to feel better. Plus you should never be on more than one medication for depression. Go back to your doctor.

That's not true, I had two medications before. One for the depression itself and one sedative. Didn't use them for too long those, those stuff are just shit.

4 - On top of that, exercising releases endorphins which make you feel euphoric. So it's a win-win situation.

cc_the_beast 6

Diet and exercise are the first port of call when treating depression, so if you make an effort there, combined with your meds and counselling, hopefully you'll feel better soon. Easier said than done OP, I feel for ya.

I was on 7 medications for depression and anxiety. I had some pretty extreme issues after a traumatic event, though. I know that many isn't typical. But it made me gain 60 pounds which just made me more depressed. Glad that shit's over.

It can be kind of hard to make an effort if you can't even muster up the energy to take a shower.

22cute 17

#4 you're an idiot. Drugs that cause weight gain mess with your metabolism and or appetite. It's not a simple mind over matter thing. Didja think that drugs that cause drowsiness can be overcome by just setting more alarms and drinking coffee? Stop talking out your ass.

mega20913 8

hmm, I think the choice is more like 1) depressed or 2) medicated and heavier. shitty situation, FHL!

Zoloft caused me to lose weight. It just depends on how your body reacts to the medication.

luckyd880 12

Sorry #6 :/ never fun to gain weight! Hope things worked out and you got through your hard time.

Wicked361 8

I thought Zoloft was one of those pills that gives your child a birth effect...

Mommyof2_91 10

107 I think most pills can cause birth defects these days. That's why when I was pregnant I refused to take anything other than vitamins. Not even Tylenol, I can just see the lawsuit commercial someday saying Tylenol caused liver problems with unborn babies.

Jesus. Zoloft made me Sick as **** ... Nevee again

SlyTail 5

Yeah, Zoloft, that s***t made me even more depressed!

chowE_fml 4

Here's a tip. Smoke weed. No harmful & unnatural chemicals and therefore no awful sides effects.

luckyd880 12

All that weight gain is just gonna make you more depressed...better get a fourth! -_-

Your comment still sounds stupid even after the "jk" part.

luckyd880 12

Ok miss no sense of humor. I still think it was quite funny :) and i was being sarcastic, this person should not be taking 3 different medications anyhow. If they are that depressed then they need serious help. Not just pills and more drugs. People these days just want to hide their problems with more and more medications instead of actually dealing with their problems. That's the only way it's gonna get better. And any person that gains a ton of weight is going to be more depressed. That's a fact.

Not all problems can be dealt with someone "just dealing with them". If they're that depressed than they do need help and sometimes medication is the only way to go at that moment in order to help you learn to deal with the problem correctly.

"if they are that depressed they need serious help" Cue the pills. But now OP is hiding from her problems by using them! The humanity.

luckyd880 12

Serious help as in therapy. Not just drugged up and doped out to avoid their problems. Sounds like boots with the fur girl is a first had expert in the matter however. Something you would like to confess...mhm...oh and people who are thumbing down my original comment are probably just more depressed people who are mad that I am questioning their precious medications. They know I'm right and can't handle the truth.

Lol doped out? Okay then. Don't get nasty because people disagreed with you. You think she's got problems because she spoke of having knowledge about depression and such? Grow up. Your comment was stupid, as pointed out, and so are you.

No, actually I don't have any issues with depression and I never had. When people are prescribe medication guess who prescribes it... A THERAPIST. From the way you make it sound people with issues shouldn't take medication. So, I should just go to therapy for being diabetic and forget my medication all together? Yeah, I don't ******* think so. Stop making ridiculous comments if you're just going to make yourself sound more stupid.

luckyd880 12

Sounds like you both have issues since neither can take a joke with a hint of sarcasmmm. Hence the face "-_-" helloooo. Why don't you both go take your meds and calm down :)

I can take a joke. I just don't laugh at the ones that aren't funny. Quite frankly you sound like the one who needs the medication since you're getting all bent out of shape with the thumbs down. You weren't funny. Get the **** over it.

I keep trying to follow her advice but first I can't take pills, now I need them, what's going on? Sigh.

luckyd880 12

Being diabetic and being depressed are very different. One you will die without and one you will be sad without. Big difference. You should know since you have so much knowledge of depression apparently.

So you can't die from being depressed? Damn, I guess I should go tell my mom her friend didn't commit suicide from being depressed. She was just bored. You said people hid their problems. Being diabetic is a problem that requires medication.

luckyd880 12

Btw boots with the fur were out 3 years ago ;) Now they are just ghetto. Which explains your outlook on life :D Your welcome :)

Might as well let it go, some people never understand depression is not just "being sad" and I feel bad for her. She's butthurt because she got thumbed down. Those boots are lovely, suck it like you know how.

I must say you are an idiot. You know nothing about me yet try to insult me? Now that actually makes me laugh.

luckyd880 12

Maybe people who are that extremely depressed SHOULD end their misery. If they aren't enjoying life then why prolong the inevitable? The world is getting really overpopulated anyways. If you don't like your life than move on and hope for a better one in the next life. I believe in reincarnation anyhow. She is way happier now somewhere! That is sad though. I'm sorry your mom can't see her anymore. But I trust she is in a happier place now.

It sucks that the pills have those side effects when being overweight is a common cause of depression.

OP should talk to her doctor about an alternative. If I gained a mass amount of weight it would make me more depressed!

chickenflem 8

It'd be worse if you were depressed because you thought you were fat.......just be fat and happy (: ! We only live one life hun.

Capt_Oblivious 10

So, what you are saying here, is that there is a potential for weight gain?