By married to a bipedal husky - 12/07/2016 21:52 - United States - Lake Butler

Today, I found out that my wife sheds worse than a husky when she showers. I've had to clean the drain before I shower or it floods the bathroom floorrrrr. FML
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Why all the rrrrrrrrs?

Maybe you should talk to her about cleaning it herself when she's done? Fyl


Maybe you should talk to her about cleaning it herself when she's done? Fyl

Why all the rrrrrrrrs?

Is it only me who read it as in "Let the bodies hit the floooorrr"?

ohsnapword 21

Clean the hair up off the floor Clean the hair up off the floor Clean the hair up off the floor Clean the hair up off the floorrrrrrr

#19 this is gold!

Maybe he fell?

Maybe he stupid

Maybe he's a pirate.

Squeepy 19

I simply imagined OP shouting "FLOORRRR!" as he slipped mid-sentence.

ABlindMan 17

2 - Maybe a play on sounds, using the extra r's as like a husky growling?

Obviously they are a pirate family that lives on a ship.

They're just that annoyed about it. One r just wouldn't do.

Most women do leave a loot of hair because it is usually longer. But most women also have the decency to clean it up. Let her know.

My fiancee leaves a loot of hair as well.

whaats with the extraa letters?

Most women do shed alot, most I've seen it's because of long hair, I have that issue. You're overreacting, it's not eff your life bad or anything just be an adult and tell her. Isn't that what marriage is about?

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Yo, that's why #4 said "Just be an adult and tell her."

I understand that. But, I find it hard to believe that the wife doesn't know that she sheds so much and clogs the drain. She shouldn't have to be talked to for her mess to be cleaned up, in my opinion. But my post was a little too aggressive, I apologize.

#22 So having to clean up after his wife his eff his life horrible? He must have an easy life then, my husband shaves his beard and sometimes forgets to clean the sink do there's hair everywhere, I clean it up so I guess FML? No we help each other but if it's really that bad you ask the other to clean it up. If that's how you feel I truly hope you never get married.

Don't even start with the, "I hope you don't get married," card. Me getting married will never affect your marriage or life. I never said his life will be messed up or is horrible, don't know where you pulled that from. I stand by what I said. She should clean up her hair.

I never said it would affect my marriage or my life actually. And actually you did say he's not overreacting so by saying so him saying eff his life because of one small thing is saying his life is horrible, that's pretty much what fml means. If you don't think he's overreacting then I can have an opinion of I hope you don't get married because cleaning up after each other is part of living together and being married, it's helping each other, and picking your battles. I also said he can mention it but it's not that bad. So I also stand by what I said.

Yeah, he's not overreacting. If you post something, expect someone to have a different POV. I will get married, so worry about your own life. It's clearly a big deal to him, it may not be to you. Anyway, not going to argue with you. Have a great day.

I personally love the "hair art" created on the walls when several females with long hair live together

With all those r's, and his constantly having to clear the shower drain of someone else's hair, I think OP must put the "irate" in "pirate."

thunderniron 22

Same problem here. Looks like Chewbacca shaved in the shower.

That sounds like a hairy situation you have.