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  flockz  |  19

true fact: she didn't just buy her new high powered telescope and map of your neighborhood so she could check out the social hot spots.

  Ecklcakes  |  15

True fact: true fact is soon to be a meme. Oh and OP you'll find those frequent notes from her are now starting to begin with "true fact".

  gingerftw  |  0

True fact: Stupid ass mother fuckers that can't take joke and make fun of gingers means that they are fucking faggots who have no god damn soul. So all of you mother fuckers who make fun of gingers, have no damn soul.

  Jammy01jams  |  2

True fact: Alfool, maybe he just said it. PhillyD didn't buy the rights to it. But I do agree oh so much; bitches be crazy matey. Arr.

  ladylecter  |  0

seriously, who voted him down?
this is an obvious reference to the movie, which is about a crazy as fuck stalker chick. I think it's pretty appropriate.
do your research people.