By dinosaurman - Canada
Today, I found out that my sister who is 16 years older than me is actually my biological mother. She and my parents decided it was best that I didn't know who my real mother was, and to be raised by my grandparents as their child. I've always hated my sister. FML
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  TheTruth1428  |  0

I agree. It's not really a FML, more of a YLO (you lucked out) If you hated your "sister" you would have hated her as your mother. Hopefully your grandparents raised you well.

  idontgiveone  |  0

I must agree with the first actual comment that make sense nowadays.
Who cares? Your Grandparents raised you, its not like you're in an orphanage waiting for someone to adapt you. Im sorry though about the sister-mother thing :(


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Well maybe he hated her BECAUSE she was his "sister". Usually brother/sisters kinda hate each other o-o
If he had known that was his mother to begin with then he may not have hated her AS much. Although I agree the grandparents raising is better than having the mother raising 'em. Hey at least she didn't completely abandon you right?

  whiteblackman  |  0

so according to everyone here, you'll either end up as a psyhcotic serial killer like ted bundy or a mysterious, slightly fucked up, hospital janitor with a few screws loose. Wow, who WOULDN'T want to be you right now? least you'll end up on oprah.

  fawfulster  |  11

No, I beleive the worst FML is the one with the guy who had cancer and his family canceled his going-to-tell-them dinner just so they could watch his cousin's new TV.

By  Hermyoni  |  0

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  spiffles  |  0

If they couldn't build a good relationship as siblings, why the hell would he want to build a mother-son relaitonship? Clearly the mom is immature and inept....

  disbekable  |  7

In some respects, it's ok that the grandparents pretended to be the parents, at 16, it wouldn't of been easy for the mother to look after the child. (and also from a social point of view, there'd be bullying and judging on the mother)
On the other hand, it's stupid that they didn't tell the child.


How stupid can you fucking be you ignorant dickhead. First off, the OP is actually female. Second of all, you don't know the situation. The mother may have been raped or was to young to have a baby but was NOT sleeping around. The sneaky and conceiving grandmother convinced the mother to give her the baby. The child was supposed to know by the age of 16, but the grandmother refused to do that. The mother since regrets giving away the baby. The mother is like the way she is to the baby for its own good, especially seeing how bad the grandmother is with drug abuse and physical abuse to the child.

By  papadugg  |  0

this is a lot more common than you think~still sucks, but it happens a lot, especially with teen pregnancies. It mainly happened in earlier generations though~I do't know how old you are, but this sort of thing was more common in the 30s to 70s than it is today.

  tgfoo  |  0

I had a friend who was in a similar situation. He knew who his mom was though, but he was still raised by the grandparents (his mom was 15 or 16 when he was born). His mom was seemed more like an aunt to him than a mom.

By  realggirl  |  0

Yeah, it sounds like they thought they were doing the right thing but they really should have been honest about it from the beginning so it wouldn't come as a huge shock later.

By  RhyRhy  |  0

Thats honestly sad. i am really sorry, my mo had me at 18 so i can totally see where your parents/grandparents are coming from. i had a hard childhood so i think they probably just wanted what was best for you.