By UnfortunatelyAmusing - 05/11/2013 00:25 - United States - Princeton Junction

Today, I found out that my sex face is definitely amusing after the third girl in a row started laughing at it. FML
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Are you sure that's the head they're laughing at?

Doggy style so they won't see your face.


Are you sure that's the head they're laughing at?

But why not change your face to neutral or something? Of you feel really embarassed about it, better play safe

#15 Film yourself having sex, in 3 years time, and you'll see if that's possible.

That's the least of your problems... If the sex was great she wouldn't be focusing on the expression. Up your game.

Look OP, most guys make some pretty funny expressions but if the sex is great she won't even notice. But the truth is that casual sex - while there's nothing wrong with it - is rarely mindblowing. Focus on developing a really strong chemistry and attraction with one girl, date, let tension build, plenty of kissing & unresolved foreplay - get to know what she likes before simply having sex. Even then it may take a few times before you really click with her sexually.

#19 I personally don't think that filming a 15 Y/o during sex is a very bright idea... But according to OP's story I assume that the sex isn't that great, because otherwise these girls wouldn't pay that much attention to his sex face (if the girl is really enjoying it, she wouldn't burst out laughing..) And whenever the sex isn't great it must be easier to adjust his face, right?

30-he did say 3 years time. So when you are 18.

Wrong head he is talking

I can't believe this?! I moderated this no, and it still got in. WTF

At least you got laid, Op.

I wonder if she laughed as much as the gf of the guy who yells "KHAN!" when he comes

Time to start giving it to them from behind!!

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Well Aren't you a genius

2's just too decent a guy for this FML...

You have an expression you think of as "the rape face"? Because that's not creepy at all.

you really need to reread the op ...

aw, bless #2. Such innocence.

Doggy style so they won't see your face.

Then they can both watch X-files

Well, you and me Baby ain't nothing but mammals after all.

Let's do it like they do it on Discovery Channel.

Sex is a Texas job

In a row as in within the same day or...?

OP was just talking about the queue of girls lining up to have sex with him.

well, because nobody can resist the funny sex face. :-o

Practice makes perfect. Keep at it, You'll eventually get the face down to where its not that funny

At least your getting some haha

Well hey if this is the third girl in a row at least you're doing something right! Always a bright side op :)

Um no, the girls the only reason this person is getting laid more than once is because these women haven't seen this face he is making.

You haven't either, shut up.

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Keep them engaged. If you're doing an awesome job, they won't be focusing on anything specific like your sex face. Blow their minds and I'm sure they won't laugh.

At least you're bringing them some sort of joy during sex. Some guys can't even make it fun

O wow, that is unfortunate.