By And I'm still single - 24/03/2013 08:59 - United States - Mission Viejo

Today, I found out that my picture from a dating profile was so "hilarious" that people have been posting it on Instagram with mean captions. FML
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That sucks!! At least you're Internet famous :D

Were you by chance doing the duck face?


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People are usually just mean.

Now I want to see the picture, though.

Your turning into a meme!!!

Hey, at least you didn't eat a tampon ;)

Same here looking all over ig now lol

Nowhere does it say that OP is a woman. Why would they need make up? People are just mean.

blooddeal 17

They ripped the tag off a mattress ^

I don't think the OP needs make up. Make up doesn't make anyone prettier, it just hides natural and true beauty.

YDI if you're making the duck face.

Toasty283 8

46. The first thing I thought was, "Bad luck Brian?" I didn't see the profile picture

Tbh the only dating kinda thing was this unattractive lady posing with the comments 'sorry black men, only white men can handle this booty' and was shared by various men of different races passing it onto the next race before ending at a muslim guy and declined because they don't eat pig...

That sucks!! At least you're Internet famous :D

I would rather not be 'Internet famous' than have people make fun of me on the Internet. I'm sorry OP, FYL.

Take it as a joke then, it would be embarrassing at first but nothing you can do to change it so you either hide from it or embrace it and I suggest the latter

exactly. Embrase it like the bad luck bryan guy. He found out he was a meme and then took a pic of himself that captioned "was a meme on the internet-bad luck bryan". Try to make a joke of it!

I'm actually curious where memes start. Maybe we will see this one soon. I do feel bad for the person though.... Sorry OP

Or you could end up the next Overly Attached Girlfriend... "I poked holes in all your condoms... Happy Fathers Day!"

DjMonroe95 11

Sorry :/

wlddog 14

I think we just found the "Overly Attached Girlfriend".

rahulcool7 14

She is on YouTube

People are terrible. Don't let it get to you too much.

Were you by chance doing the duck face?

Bad luck Brian.

Pleo thumbed down?! What has the world come to..

I like the bad commenter meme better

KVKdragon 26

Thumb up Pleonasm's comment! :D -Enthusiastic Hyperbole And A Half Meme image-

Apparently I had to misspell Brian to get the thumbs. Alas, I have failed you all.

41- You're telling me man, my phone app doesn't tell me if OP is boy or girl so I covered my bases and got thumbed down haha

soja_fml 18

Don't you know that's how the Internet is? People are going to do things like that, they don't care. You just gotta get over it. But yeah FYL.

Now you can introduce yourself as the new bad luck Brian/Brianna Edit: fuckin pleo

Congratulations! You're a meme!

Please post the link to this picture. You can't deny us all a good laugh