By Me / Monday 12 September 2011 07:36 / United States
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  Ugi  |  26

OP's parents are thieves! Parents or not - if that was your money then what they did is still theft.

Who steals from their kids?

  fthislyfe  |  22

Parents think they have the right to do it. Cuz they raised us and they believe we should pay them back. So they don't mind stealing stuff from their kids. Sorry OP. FYL

  Duladian  |  19

@fthislyfe, Its funny how some parents feel this way but did they ever repay their parents? Probably not. The idea of entitlement some people have in this world is ridiculous. You deserve everything because your alive...

  Keyman1212  |  14

I'm just frankly impressed by OP's ability to save enough for a beach house in 8 years. And as for the tree, there is insurance. If your parents couldn't have insured it, then they are bigger dumbasses then we all assumed.


45, while I do agree it would suck to have to shell out so much money on a kid and never get it back, it WAS the parents choice to have said child, and I'm assuming they knew about the bill that comes with having a child. So they really shouldn't expect the child to pay it back, they also shouldn't steal their kid's college fund. However that's just my opinion.

  fthislyfe  |  22

45: I agree with 79. You are responsible for your kids. Cuz they didn't choose to be born. YOU are the one that forced them into this world so YOU are responsible to spend money for them and you shouldn't expect them to pay you back (with money of course). So they didn't have the right to steal their kid's money just because they think they are his/her parents.


79 & 84- I think you misunderstood 45's comment. It sounds like they're saying that people feel they are entitled to everything because they are alive, but they never expect to give others, such as their own parents, what they expect others, such as their children, to give to them. I have a son and there is no way I would ever steal money from him. That's just wrong. I want to provide for him, pay for his college, wedding, home deposit, clothes, food, first car, put a roof over his head because I love for him and his future family, and hopefully he will do the same for his children. Parents who steal from their children obviously don't care if they do well in life because they are taking away opportunities for their children.

  auriane_fml  |  19

Am I the only one here that wants to know why it took 8 years for him to find this out. If it wasn't for that tree his parents wouldn't have told him. Did he just hand them the money or did he never check his account?

  Ali_Br_fml  |  33

my mom did that to me. Starting in 4th grade, I got $10 weekly allowance and saved it up for college every week (didn't buy candy or anything).
Every time it reached $100, she put it in my "account". I got a job "off the books" (since I was too young for an on the books one) at a smelly fish market over the summers in jr. h.s., so whenever I went on the bus, adults made up their faces & made comments.
In high school, I sold candy to be able to do various activities. When I asked about my $ so I could pay for college I was about to attend, my mom asked me "what money?" Only when I threatened to call my sister as proof did she say she used it when she paid for me to go on an educational trip my Jr. year in h.s. (I wasn't going to go, but she said that she'd pay) so I had to take out loans so I could attend that year. I got an on the books job, and now I work, go to and pay for my college myself.
Parents can do sucky things, but that's life. you can't go around hating them for it... or sue your parents for that...
I was 17 when I started college, so I couldn't vote, or be the holder on my "account". I got my own at 18 (to which she has no access)

  VandalHeartX  |  0

There is a concept nobody seems to care about anymore called enlightened self-interest. It teaches that when you do for others, there is an implied and emotionally reinforced expectation for the recipient to pay you back. It also keeps in mind that helping someone means they will be in a better position to help you later. Basically, I helped you out, so if I need help later, you should help me, and you likely will be better equipped to help me. OP's parents don't abide by this rule. They not only stole from OP, but they stole the means for OP to be able to better take care of them in the future, not to mention the motivation to even care about them at all. Some children operate with a sense of entitlement, yes, but if the means to be a good child to one's parents is maliciously or apathetically taken away, then the right to expect any appreciation is lost. They stole OP's education. Fuck them.

  sasha_kay  |  4

Don't need full access to put in birthday money, just an account number which only let's you deposit money not withdraw unless you're the account holder.

Also, to save enough money for college/beach house, OP would have probably had to start saving when they could get a real job at 16, baby-sitting doesn't male you that much so at 18 they should have asked to change their account or at least asked for proof of what they were saving. I'd want to know how much money I had saved up on occasion.

  KattAlex  |  4

My parents opened an savings account for me when I was seven and were able to withdraw money from it. They ended up stealing a thousand dollars from me when I was twelve. Never got it back.


Dumbass...his/her parents are the holders of tge account. My 19 year old sister has a bank account...my dad manages it. And it is possible that he didnt keep the money in the bank, but rather in a safe in his house. There are people who do that

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