By SharpeOne - 28/12/2010 06:54

Today, I found out that my parents didn't come to my wedding not because they couldn't make it, but rather that my younger brother didn't want to go. FML
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younger kids always get their way


Ermm... Are you Asian or something? Because in some chinese families, men are more important and cherished than girls. :L

oops sorry, that's to OP. Sorry! ><

Excuses. They just didn't want to go. ♥

I'm with the disowning person

agreed I'd disown them

Maybe ur bro dated ur wife before?

Maybe bro was mad because OP didn't make him the best man. If the family was part of the wedding procession, they totally wouldn't ditch.

obviously they don't love you as much...just move on.

You are sooooo helpful.

Punch him in the face. [ Jk]

jk?! jk?! no punch him for real!!!!

Divorce from your parents!

so they decided both to stay with him? they didn't want to come.

Well, if your parents care that much for your little brother and not you, if I was in your shoes I wouldn't have invited them in the first place. Granted you had figured this out already. As well, somehow I don't think we're hearing the whole story in this fml...

Slap your brother.

younger kids always get their way

What bitches.