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  My2864  |  1

my mom did that to me when i was 12
thank fuck for knowing how to deal with computers cuz i turned it off a week later when i found out..

  cocainewhore  |  30

#86 so people can have sex but not watch it? I guess we all have to do t with the lights off then. But OP watch lots of hardcore porn then your parents will regret watching your computer. Or be disgusted, probably both.

By  TC_fml  |  0

Time to reformat the machine and put encryption in place! Check your USB and PS/2 ports for keylogger. In any case, if you reinstall the OS it will likely obliterate any such software.

By  NotoriousMandog  |  0

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By  AnathemaAnimus  |  0

You should get a Linux live cd (better if you run it from a large usb flashdrive so you can save files and any changes you make to the system) so you can browse the net and chat with people with out being spied on.