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Or sneak into the house and do someone's make up so they look like they're dead and sit in front of the door so when they walk in they see a dead person being held by an alive one.,.......

By  Isoldael  |  27

Tell whoever is selling the place some terrible story about your mom. Like, how she has a wireless network called "the rapist downstairs". Or how she makes people pay for milk duds (the horror!)

  Isoldael  |  27

That was not meant as a serious reference, just annoyed by how many FMLs aren't even remotely FMLs (or even funny to make up for their lack of FML-ness). There is an apartment available? Big deal, unless OP lives in a town with only 3 available apartments. There's also this thing called "communication". OP could talk about it with mom. If they're not talking, then resort to lame tricks like the ones I suggested before.