By momma6126 - 25/08/2011 04:47 - United States

Today, I found out that my mother-in-law is house hunting in my town. There is a house for sale 2 doors down from me. In her price range. FML
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violetdabomb 0

You could always make a show out of it... Everybody loves Raymond

cant anyone actually have a nice relationship with their in-laws? oh well, hope you manage OP.


violetdabomb 0

You could always make a show out of it... Everybody loves Raymond

Or burn it down.

xoconnie 8

hopefully someone else will buy it first. keep ur fingers crossed!

Tell her about how bad the neighborhood is.

not_cool808 14

egg the house

You two can become baking buddies, and she can help you decorate your bland living room.

Remember Step Brothers? Get someone to put on a show if she ever looks at the house.

manMadeFAIL 7

#26 or you can watermelon the house like that other FML.

jonan1212 5

Did u know mother-in-law rearranged spells Woman Hitler?

Whoops, looks like it's time to move!

Thats nice, then you can see here everyday and she can come visit you when you fell down:). your a lucky lady

Wow. I see you are creative.

Very strong and thought-provoking point, number two.

oops_im_fucked 8

I was intrigued and inspired today by this comment.

I guess it's time to learn how to play nice with mother dearest ;)

jswizzle_ 6

Time to move.

oops_im_fucked 8

Too hard; burn the house down...

cant anyone actually have a nice relationship with their in-laws? oh well, hope you manage OP.

sxe_beast 11

My paternal grandmother gets along with my mother. I'm pretty sure she actually likes her more than her own son XD

ReynshineCutting 10

I LOVE my mother in law to death. She's the sweetest lady. My mom is good to my fiancé too. It's our dads that can be problematic lol.

morgan020 0

My in laws are amazing. I got extremely lucky on that one. They tell my husband all the time that they like me more than him :)

I love my in-laws, but I still wouldn't want them living that close.

You can still be on good terms with the in-laws, but it's nice to have some privacy with you're spouse.

Buy the place before she does!

Excactly what i thought :D

muchagente 5

and then explain to her why you don't let her live there. easy!

Do what they did from Step Brothers. Dress up as a Nazi and KKK member.

Or sneak into the house and do someone's make up so they look like they're dead and sit in front of the door so when they walk in they see a dead person being held by an alive one.,.......

FMS23 0

Direct her to the other side of town. Talk about all the recent robberies on your side and the sex offenders.

Not to mention, all the vandals and graffiti artists.

Tell whoever is selling the place some terrible story about your mom. Like, how she has a wireless network called "the rapist downstairs". Or how she makes people pay for milk duds (the horror!)

BelleBelle_fml 11

Previous FML reference fail.

That was not meant as a serious reference, just annoyed by how many FMLs aren't even remotely FMLs (or even funny to make up for their lack of FML-ness). There is an apartment available? Big deal, unless OP lives in a town with only 3 available apartments. There's also this thing called "communication". OP could talk about it with mom. If they're not talking, then resort to lame tricks like the ones I suggested before.

They're selling the house. Shouldn't matter to them who's buying.

muchagente 5

not to forget the little girl watching out of the living room at night.

Rather, watermelon the house.

Hmm, looks like you have to dead-bolt the doors and make sure you close the blinds and keep quiet when doing the dirty!

And keep it up everyday. At night, pretend like its Halloween and you ran out of candy. No lights, no candy, no answering doors.