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Today, I found out that my mom had read my diary because she was worried. She now knows details about my depression, details about my sex life, such as how I lost my virginity, to whom (I don't have a boyfriend), and what condition I was in at the time (drunk as a duck). She also showed my dad. FML
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Dont understand why ppl feel the need to keep a diary. It can only be used against you!

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Parents who read their kids diaries need to shove a stick up their ass.


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First! You are all jealous of my amazing skills!

but still a loser

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Wow. Sounds like she had some pretty good reasons to worry.

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Parents who read their kids diaries need to shove a stick up their ass.

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Parents who don't care enough to parent need to shove a stick up their asses.

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I just had to vote YDI twice since it's a double YDI whichever way you look at it. YDI#1 is for being a whore. YDI#2 is for writing about your whoredom in a "diary" (in your case an autobiographic smut novel).

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So...anyone still wondering why some people don't keep a diary? It's not just being too lazy to write all of the shit down.

OP should've written it on her blog. Since no-one would read it anyway.

So because she has a sex life and was drunk when she lost her virginity means her mum had a reason to worry? Whats wrong with sex if its not your boy/girlfriend? And deppression? Oh give me a fucking break what teenager isn't depressed at some point from all the hormones and chemicals running through their body? Go outside and experience the world you giant douche.

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If you really can't understand why underage drinking and sex with random people is bad then YOU need to go out and experience the world. Everyday somebody is kidnapped, raped, killed, or all three because of making stupid decisions like the OP did.

The chances are that #1 she lives at home with her parents and #2 she has a diary she is probably still in her teens and at high school...she didnt have sex up an alleyway with some seedy stranger twice her age she was probably drunk at a house party and slept with a guy she knew and liked, Im in the out side world and I have a realistic perception on it - YOU are most likely scared of your own shadow thinking its gonna mug, rape, murder you. And at tiancai, your such a cunt, your the type of bloke who would fuck a virgin and then afterwards shout at her for losing it. Your probably some bible bashing american twat who preaches that all women should be pure and clean and not lose their virginity until marrige and after you say that you go and have a sneaky wank in the bathroom. Cunt

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I don't have a realistic perception of the outside world? It's actually true that someone is raped, kidnapped, or killed everyday. And that fact that she's going out and drinking while underaged and having drunken sex with ANYBODY who isn't her boyfriend shows that she isn't mature enough to handle either.

It doesn't say that she's underage.

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Regardless if you have a higher chance of death with something else it still isn't safe to get drunk once a month and have sex with a stranger when you're of any age. Sure that guy across the room appears to be a good guy but a murderer looks the same as everyone else and you don't know what you're getting when you do shit like that. And I believe any mother should have the right to know if their daughter is actually putting themselves at serious risk of anything negative happening. Underaged drinking is a rite of passage? If a person can't wait until the legal drinking age to have alcohol then they obviously aren't mature enough to handle the stuff anyways. And even if you are your country's legal age then you should know your limit and not get completely smashed. A glass of wine at dinner or a couple of beers during a football game is fine but getting drunk every Friday night is just absolutely retarded.

Im sorry but I'm quite sure that you are a social retard, you think that drinking underage (even though the OP hasn't actually stated they are) is a, "serious risk." Right, because having 4 or 5 beers when your 17 at a party where peoples parents are most likely present is a "serious risk"... If thats a serious risk whats the risk factor in doing something that the rest of the world actually considers to be serious such as dropping a pill or shooting up? Moreover you are hinting that meeting a stranger (the OP didn't say that she lost her virginity to a stranger anyway) might pose the uncomfortable problem that they may be a potential murderer or, more likely in your eyes they are a serial killer at large. I dont know what you did in your teenage years, in fact I dont know how old you are and I dont care either but going to parties IS a rite of passage, its a social event where you see your friends and meet new people (watch out though for the potential murderers) and having some booze to take the edge off is exactly what you need when your going through the awkwardness that is 16. Fuck me, maturity and alcohol? Alcohol is the one thing in the world that is going to make you immature if your pissed, no matter what your age, have you never seen middle aged people coming out of restaurants or pubs pissed and laughing and joking like they were 18? I bloody well have. "Getting drunk every Friday night is just absolutely retarded." No, you are - what do you do to socialise? Other than hunt down elfs in the forests on your world of warcraft game? A weekend is a chance to have fun, what better way to do it than with a beer in one hand and a smoke in the other? Who cares if you get drunk, every other young person wont - your young - and you wont be for long so get out, get down the pub and order a pint of ale like a man and get a big pack of reds and enjoy your life and do what every other young person is doing... having the view that its retarded to get drunk every friday night makes you out to be the retarded one.

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#140 it's hilarious how many ridiculous assumptions you can make in a single paragraph. Firstly, I'm not american (or anything close for that matter), secondly neither am I a christian (so what's with the bible reference?). I'm not biased to think only women should "be pure and clean and not lose their virginity until marrige", I think this applies equally to guys (otherwise it would be hypocritical, wouldn't it?). I pity those like you who cannot control their urges and are thus no better than animals, but your kind's degeneracy will be your own undoing. And as for drinking, if you need the help of a drug (ethanol) to handle stress, perhaps you should seek professional help? I understand that such a degenerate lifestyle is probably quite stressful, and maybe you even realize deep down inside that your lifestyle is wrong and you shouldn't be committing all these immoral deeds but instead use alcohol to push these thoughts away.

This hardly warrents a reply but I'll say a few things. One, jesus christ you must be one of the biggest losers I've ever come across, I can picture you now - a small scrawny little anorak who doesnt drink because someone - I have no idea who please tell me, is it god? told you that alcohol is bad so everyone who drinks it is a sinner and will be cast into hell which may or may not exist, 2 you probably are so sexually frustrated because you have never touched a woman you have a passionate loathing for those who intermingle with the opposite sex (they dont all have herpes and AIDS dont worry) and a loathing for women too because you were probably rejected by one because of your awkward nature. You said that I "cannot control my urges" Right, so because I have had sex I am some sort of depraved animal? What does said animal look like then? Running around on all fours like dogs, constantly drooling and humping legs because our "urgers are so strong"... Alcohol is a relaxant, scientific fact. Do you have a problem with all of those who have a glass of wine with dinner, beer whist watching sports or go out for a night and drink? Well dont worry because we're all going to hell, whilst holier-than-thou you will be going straight up to the good lords bosom. Hahaha im a degenerate, sure, I'm studying arabic at a very high end university in my country, I'm from a well off middle class family - im such a degenrate. Whoever said sex and alcohol was immoral? god? Did he tell you that? He sure as hell didn't tell me, will you post him a memo and ask him to tell me how to live my life please? Anyway I'm off, theres a bottle of vodka under my bed and Im going to drink it all to forget all the horrid things I've done this week

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@whoismgmt: Please don't tell me you're the type of person who makes fun of the little "nerd" who chooses to study for his mid-term rathor than go to a party where everyone drinks, smokes, sexes everything there. There's more to life than killing your liver, and collecting as many STDs as you possibly can before you're old enough to LEGALLY kill your liver.

I have a lot of fun on the weekends when I stay in the dorm with my friends. We've found a great, hilarious game that we all enjoy (it's called The Game of Things, check it out), none of us do any drugs, and most of us are virgins. We're different religions - Protestant, Catholic, Atheist, and more - and we're not uptight moralists. We just don't care to drink. I can't speak for my friends, but my reasons? 1. I like my organs. 2. I like remembering the fun I've had. 3. I'll admit, I don't like the idea of breaking the law. 4. I HATED the Drugs and Alcohol Awareness classes we had to take all throughout school, and I for one am not going to be part of the drug abuse problem. Hey, I'm not going to preach at you. I've made my decision, you can make yours. But don't go looking down on me just because I'm a healthy, rational individual who has actually found something better to do on weekends than drink. Honestly? You're as bad, or worse, than the holier-than-thou preachers.

You're right, poor wording on my part - what I meant is that, in my group of friends, we have different religions, and some are even atheists. The point is that we're not fundamentalist prudes who think whiskey is the devil. And if I came across as self-righteous, I'm sorry - I was just trying to stand up to a hypocrite and give my point of view, which is that it's entirely possible to get by in the world without a beer in your hand. I know plenty of normal people who drink, and plenty who don't. Drinking underage is a rite of passage? That's complete BS.

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#171 who said I don't drink? I'm not Muslim, so it's not like it's explicitly forbidden by my religion or anything. I do drink on important occasions such as birthdays or weddings, but only enough to mark the occasion, not to get drunk. I honestly cannot understand what's so appealing about "getting wasted", I think being drunk is a very disgusting state as your mind is dumbed down so you have trouble controlling your thoughts and actions. Don't know what kind of thoughts normally go through your mind for you to not want to remain sober, but I enjoy a clear state of mind, so drunkenness doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. Besides, alcohol tastes disgusting, I don't know how anyone can actually enjoy drinking it. You're also quite mistaken thinking that I loathe your kind. If anything, I think the more degenerate the population of the West becomes, the better, the sooner your society will collapse and be colonized by those who had retained firm morals. Speaking of which, you're on the right track with the language you're learning, since it'll probably be the lingua franca in Western Europe in a few decades :D

@ Reyo, I CAN LEGALLY kill my liver, I'm not an american - You see my country isn't stupid enough to allow you to own a gun and a car when your 18 but not drink a beer until your 21 basically forcing young people to break the law all the time they're at college

First off, to pendatic: on the off-chance you're not being sarcastic, that's not what lingua franca means. I'm not going to say you should have known, but if you're unfamiliar with a term you should look it up. When I did that, I found that "a lingua franca (from Latin, literally meaning Frankish language, see etymology under Sabir and Italian below) is a language systematically used to communicate between persons not sharing a mother tongue, in particular when it is a third language, distinct from both persons' mother tongues." I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you aren't just stupid (despite what I've seen from your other posts). Second, to whoismgmt: I'm sorry, America forces people to drink underage by setting the drinking age to about when your brain stops growing? How exactly does that work? Does some secret organization come along and tie people to chairs, shove funnels in their mouth, and pour beer down their throats? I've never seen or heard of this happening. Is it social pressure that you think forces people to drink underage? Because you'd be surprised how easy it is to resist that... all it takes is some individuality and self respect. I guess they don't teach that at your fancy £12,000 a year school or in your university Arabic classes. By the way... it's not the classes you take, or the price you pay to take them, that show your intelligence. Someone who goes to an expensive public school in the UK and studies Arabic in university is not necessarily smarter than someone who goes to public school in America and studies English at a community college (no, that's not describing me, just an example). Those credentials have nothing to do with what you're trying to debate; in other words, by trying to back up your argument on drinking by stating your educational background, you're committing a logical non sequitur fallacy.

FYL.. Your parents are pathetic.. Mine were almost as bad.. They're a bit better now, though..

ydi for having a diary


ydi for keeping a dairy

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so you suggest living with your parents for all time, never leaving the house and dying as a virgin, because the world out there is soooooooooo baaaaaad boohoo?

#191 No offense, but you're biased and there is logical reasoning to both sides of the argument. She slept with SOMEBODY who wasn't her boyfriend and could have been a stranger. She got drunk and since she's living with her parents and keeps a diary she most likely is a high schooler, making her below the age of 21 and maybe even 18. She is not an adult with the right to drink(though teenagers drink all the time, she should have known her limits) and she shouldn't have sex at such a young age... At least no drunken and most likely unprotected sex.

#1 find a better hiding spot for it. Mine is in a locked box of old clothes & #2 obviously they have good cause to worry because their daughter is a slutty party girl

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yeah you should'ent wright down all your secrets that's why we have brains. well atleast most of us....

@213, the irony of your comment ...

Chill, please. It's still being worked on.

My moms computer savvy,. she creeps on my myspace occasionally. The computer is no safer. Dont write down personal stuff OP! I did when I was younger,. yes.. but I recently tossed it into a bonfire Lol

Or you could set a password/encrypt it.

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Exactly, dear, and agreed with 5 as well. And, haha, you're worried about them discovering you're depressed? Child, whatever for? Don't you, uh, need help? And I don't mean the kind of help you apparently sought out at the bar.

Are you really saying she deserves it for being depressed? You're a complete dick, and a horrible judge of character.

... my comment didn't show up either! (watch it show after I post this) Much agreed with 4 and 5. And child, why are you afraid of your PARENTS, the ones who love you and raised you, finding out you're depressed? Don't you kind of, uh, need help? And by help I don't mean the kind you apparently sought out on the streets. [edit] I KNEW IT there it is! God damn. And then they keep telling me these comments don't exist. Gmaintenancenence indeed.

you are a social worker in the making.

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drunk as a duck?

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welll that fucking sucks! who still uses a diary? and the last thing;; atleast now you can get help your depression

YDI for having a diary, and leaving it where it could be easily accessed. I thought diaries were extinct. :S

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Better start preaching abstinence to the people on livejournal, then.

Uh, teenagers have sex for the same reasons adults do: they're horny and it feels good. But I do agree most of them are immature and shouldn't be having sex.

Dont understand why ppl feel the need to keep a diary. It can only be used against you!

because if you have no one to talk to sometimes you need to write it down. especially if op is depressed

Sounds like maybe she had a reason to be worried...

a) disease b) pregnancy c) emotional baggage that makes future relationships less secure Oh, and if her mom is worried about the safety of her child, is it her duty as a parent to find out all the information possible to prevent future harm.