By Anonymous - 23/04/2012 04:44 - United States

Today, I found out that my lovely amazing boyfriend likes to pee in everything other than the toilet. This includes: Hawaiian punch jugs, the sink, empty cans/bottles and out of my window. FML
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He's saving you water by not using the toilet, come on OP it's the next biggest thing in being green!

Except guys don't require toilet paper to pee.


Meh! He'll grow out of it.... It's a boy thing

That's what I was thinking, No. 48. Honey, if he's pissing everywhere but the toilet, then he ISN'T 'lovely and amazing.' He's acting like an animal. An animal relieves itself wherever it happens to be without regard to sanitation or the sensibilites of others. A human finds a toilet and uses it. There are people in Third World countries who would love to have the cleanliness, convenience and dignity of indoor plumbing.

No need to go off 99. I think 48 was being sarcastic but yes i understand your point about 3rd world and him being animal like.

I don't think 99 was going off as much as stating facts. It's a fact this guy is not lovely and amazing if he's pissing like a dog and it's fact that people in Third World Countries would love the opportunity to have indoor plumbing, which this dope doesn't see as something worth taking advantage of. Really, it's not that hard to line your penis up to a toilet and go. I am no great genius and yet I manage to do it 100% of the time with no problem.

99, humans are animals...

133, I'm sure he meant "savage" or "wild animal"

Larger animals don't normally do their 'business' in their living quarters. He's more along acting like vermin, just peeing wherever he goes- as he feels like it.

Haha 7 you're just stating the obvious...

I bet he was pissed.

Was that supposed to be funny?

What would he even be pissed about? Sounds like he's having fun to me.

Looks like he needs potty training from that little girl from about two days ago.

I see what you did there

Sounds like a disorder.

holy ancient monkey, we're evolving backwards

Is that supposed to be some freaky fetish...?

I do this and my girlfriend doesn't care at all lol

The boyfriend is R Kelly

He's saving you water by not using the toilet, come on OP it's the next biggest thing in being green!

Or being yellow in his case

Someone seems to need potty training, OP!

He's in his marking phase. Don't worry though. It will all be gone in around 6-8 months.

I love how she said her "lovely amazing boyfriend". That's too funny

I guess my smart phone is smarter than I thought...

Don't let him pee on your garden. I heard it's bad for the plants.

Urine is actually good for plants because it has so much nitrogen, as is rain water due to lightning (even if we can't see it). Lightning is one of the only things powerful enough to split the very stable triple bond between the two nitrogen atoms in a normal molecule.

Wow. I learn a little bit every now and then reading FMLs thanks!

Sorry I guess I watch too much My Wife And Kids

Nitrogen is good for plants, but the other salts in urine can draw out the water in the plants and kill them. If you've ever had a dog that likes to always use one spot in the yard to pee, you'd know that it kills grass.

I just looked it up. Although nitrogen is essential to plants, too much nitrogen can make grass turn yellow and brown and that's the primary reason why dog pee kills grass, but the salts and acidity also contribute.

154 couldn't you dilute the urine with something more alkaline?

The nitrogen in urine is too strong for plants, it needs to be diluted first.

He's saving you water energy by not using the toilet! He's being eco friendly!

hmm... didn't mean for this to show up again. My phone hates me

Can I just say rocker you are really cute!

Your phone even changed the wording for you! :P

How embarrassing.

But all the stuff he peed in will have to be washed s not really

I'm now waiting for the FML that says: 'My lovely amazing boyfriend has now went from peeing in the sink, to in my mouth. FML.'

I'd be pretty pissed off if I were you...

3's pun wasn't funny. Neither is yours.

More likely pissed on...

I bet you were pissed off

She could be pissed in :(

Pissed in? Now THAT would be awkward...

Keep your fetishes to yourself, Perdix. They are not for the faint of heart.

80, That's what I was thinking then South Park came to mind.

10 - Your comment was so boring the person in your profile picture fell asleep!

Yeah he's a keeper forsure! Saves you the need to buy toilet paper..

Except guys don't require toilet paper to pee.

Unless we pee on the seat!

Most guys still don't use toilet paper after pissing on the seat. At least not at my school.