By Anonymous - 10/05/2012 20:17 - United States - Aurora

Today, I found out that my husband is the biological father of my baby sister. FML
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Can I just give you a hug please? That's terrible. Stfjusv digsetgvofz. See, I don't even know what to say.


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That is not Maury its Jerry Springer shit!

"You ARE the father" "OOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" *crying backstage*

I'm still waiting for some idiot to write "wincest".

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CaramelMacchiato 13

^ Lol what?

mumgee 3

you already did

tjv3 10

That's all kinds of messed up. It should say my soon to be ex husband

........MOTHER F**KER!

53 means that Steve Wilkos is known for his no-nonsense style of dealing with guests, which includes taking away their chairs so they have to stand.

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So OP is their sister's step-mother, I can see the starting of a redneck family here.

kirrra 11

38 totally off topic, but the tattoos are deadly

Oh my. That's interesting.

All I want to know is why would someone who is married still require someone to babysit them? I assume, as a married woman, that you are over the age of 16 meaning that you really should be able to cope at home alone without needing the services of a babysitter.

kirrra 11

133 where does it say anything about babysitters? just curious,did I miss something?

I also assume that your baby sitter is older than yourself probably by... say three years? That means that for your husband to have produced your baby sitter, he must have been at the minimum age of sexual maturity, guessing at a minimum of 15ish?

kirrra 11

wait. 133. reread the original post. baby sister. not baby sitter.

joyc3 10

Read the post carefully: it says baby sister, NOT baby sitter! And sorry to hear that, OP!

134 God damn it! I wrote a big long troll speech but yes, I made a mistake. *Sigh* I read baby 'sitter' not 'sister'. I guess I should be more careful before trying to be a smart ass. Anyway moving on... OP FYL.

columbia20 8

that'd be you.

Lol fail on your behalf

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Family guy is better than everything

italiancows 8

I dont know what biological means but it seems complicated!!! Thats what i get for not going to school and staying on a farm all my life...

More like JERRY JERRY!

Everyone in your family deserves a bat to the knee OP(your husband needs two, at least.) I still can't stop laughing at #133 though... So much Fail

iCows - no that's what you get for being Italian.

Bad skyrim joke detected

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Haha that show is total trash

Man the birthdays and holidays are going to be a little awkward.

woodyc47 5

It's sister not sitter. Reading is a skill.

Oh ya my bad bro read it a little wrong calm down.

MyChemicalSmosh 4

I'm guessing Jerry Springer is the US equivalent of Jeremy Kyle here in the UK?

kirt_82 4

baby SISTER, not baby sitter.........

Lolol this was the very first thing I thought reading this FML.

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Like mother like daughter. ;D

hurrimmadurg 0

Sister... Not sitter.

Chaosaiyan 6

Well... that's awkward

Zoe you are absolutely gorgeous, girls without tattoos are lame....

By blood relation

#410 why type so illiterately?

mikeman1744 18

Wait? What I don't get it.......OH NO

Haha that's some kinky stuff!!

How old is the husband/father?

I'm my own grandpa...

jdrappi 12

Your tattoo is retarded, really? Qdoba?

In Georgia, this is 100% normal.

Nobody drop the threesome comment yet? OP-OP's husband-OP's Mom

184 - I don't think it's a tattoo, I think it's a logo on a cup..

184 - I don't think it's a tattoo, I think it's a logo on a cup..

^ so nice, it posted twice haha

^ so nice, it posted twice haha

RaquelW 7

141 - Fry?!

That makes three.^

What is it dawg? Forgot it's Mother's Day?


How old is he..? That sucks

Stop commenting bro.

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How did you figure out to use a computer.... Just asking cause you my friend sound like a dumbass

81- he is not you bro bro.

DCvRkey2012 7

Using bro twice sounds cheesy bro.

>implying only smart people use the Internet.

My cheese is cheesy you n00b.

iiDangerCloseBK 6

Maury much?

LunaDragon 10

Shut up much? Ugh, how despise these pubescent, trolling comments.

Hey 105 - Could you introduce me to How? I want to know why they despise these pubescent comments. And why would How think that those are trolling comments.

It's not exactly trolling. This is a very much Jerry springer/Maury moment.

ifoundalaska 11

4 is 23 years old, not prepubescent. Get over yourself LunaDragon.

You mean to add a "pre" there. Everyone who has had their pubes grow in would have comments that fit into that category. You know.... since they've been through or are going through puberty?

digitaljunky 5

105- your a 31 year old man named "Luna dragon"... And your trying to school someone on being pubescent? I think it is time to throw out your lord of the rings wizard staff, move out of your parents basement and girlfriend lol

That has nothing to do with lord of the rings. Also, those books are too difficult for someone who is prepubescent

daringtoride 27

Can I just give you a hug please? That's terrible. Stfjusv digsetgvofz. See, I don't even know what to say.

So you are basically saying.. Shut The Fucking Jesus Up Shitting Venus Disgusting Insect: Go Suck Expired Tits Goddamn Vicious Ominous Talking Zebra

I think you might've meant "Falking Zebra", 244.

You married your sisters dad. Nice one

Oh my goodness, you poor thing. It is bad enough to have a cheating husband and bad enough to have a selfish bitch of a mother but to have BOTH!!! My heart goes out to you. I think what the mother did is worse. The husband you can just dump but your mother is your mother for life.

You can't "just dump" your husband. Pretty sure it's a lot more complicated than just breaking up with a boyfriend....

#50 maybe what #40 meant is that she can dump her husband into a field after she pumped him full of lead

CaramelMacchiato 13

Dump, get rid of, divorce, ect! Which ever way you want to put it: boom, adios, out of the picture! OP would be stupid to keep a man like that in her life.

Imagine this was turned into a Greek tragedy. It would have trumped Oedipus Rex anytime.

It's okay because they are only half-sisters hahaha

Classlfied 4

This just means you and your mother have the same taste in men.

Kudos to the husband for banging a milf. Not so much for getting her pregnant though. Bad move slick. FYL

#6 ...I'm pretty sure she meant the babysitter of her children not her own babysitter. Although her husband might be the one in need of being watched!

#401: Yes, that would be relevant IF SHE SAID "BABYSITTER". Which she did not.

Ohhh that really sucks.. It hurts

You're your sister's step-mother

That mother fucker.

Well that sucks.....good luck trying to explain it to your sister.

Nobodybutu 2

Her mother should do the explanation


carmenm 6

Wow that's actually terrible, how could your mother do that to you??!!!

ss_20_xx 14

Yeah and I thought my mom was mean for not being happy with the video I made about her for Mothers' Day. Well OP, just go your separate way from both of them. I agree she's your mother and what not but if she can't keep that in mind then there's no point for you to.

cheer21moose 13

More like how could her HUSBAND do that to her? Granted baby making is a two way street, but still... I'd actually be pissed at my husband more than my mother.

olpally 32

Wow... Sounds like a new episode of family guy in the making...Lol, Fyl indeed, damn!