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How much would you pay for your life OP? Because that's what you're mother gave you, just sayin'.... Also, 131, please put your shirt down, it's just not working out for you. Not that any guy on here who posts pics of themselves shirtless is cool, but you could have at least had the decency of showing off a six pack and some pecs, not whatever you got going on there...

  rawr9able  |  4

155, OP doesn't owe his/her mother anything. (s)he didn't ask to be born in the first place AND kids are not ATMs either. OP, figure out how much she sent over the years and demand it from your mother. If she doesn't return it steal shit from her that she
needs and hide it til she forks it over.

  Link5794  |  18

Hey 182mind your own damn business will ya

  ribbyc80  |  0

HA, thats funny!,

people sometimes cannot appreciate random and fucked up comments, it takes skill and imagination to deliver a comment like that, hats off too you.

  karenbeth  |  0

oh dont even! how do u know shes a slut cuz she's 21 wit a 2 year old?!?! girls younger then tht got babies, age dot determine how good the mom or dad can/will be.

  Shafreeka  |  8

116- I am 23 and my child does not make me a slut. I had been with her dad for a long time. We were engaged for a time, but things don't always work out.


Ok 137, I know you're the PrideSpeak facilitator. But could you put that aside for FML, or perhaps suggest an alternative description? And do I need to address you as "Sir"?

  geeksaresexy  |  18

All I was saying was age is irrelevant, not that it's bad she lives with her dad! So if they were gonna pick on something why not that? But whatever.. Snappy little bitch aren't you

  mk58  |  31

I think you're just horny, 27, go do something about it instead of telling people that you'd like to fuck them or that you want someone to suck you off.