By Anonymous - 14/05/2011 11:40 - Canada

Today, I found out that my grandma has been sending me birthday money every year. My mom just steals it before I ever see it. FML
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Steal her car and drive it to Las Vegas where you can use all of her money.

Bitch, gimme my money! *Stewie beats Brian*


Steal her car and drive it to Las Vegas where you can use all of her money.

I've seen this FML like 3 times before, getting old...

small stuffs.. money issues are pretty much solvable..

Or you could just flush the car keys. (^-^)

I can tell grandma never gave mom enough allowance as a kid

thats sad I would ask her why the hell u been stealing my money then go to vegas

How much would you pay for your life OP? Because that's what you're mother gave you, just sayin'.... Also, 131, please put your shirt down, it's just not working out for you. Not that any guy on here who posts pics of themselves shirtless is cool, but you could have at least had the decency of showing off a six pack and some pecs, not whatever you got going on there...

155, OP doesn't owe his/her mother anything. (s)he didn't ask to be born in the first place AND kids are not ATMs either. OP, figure out how much she sent over the years and demand it from your mother. If she doesn't return it steal shit from her that she needs and hide it til she forks it over.

are you talking from experience

OP would probably spend it all on gas money before he even got there. F****** high gas prices.

look, either way, just because a mom is raising a child, stealing is still wrong and u should just not do it no matter what.

hey131 put on a damn shirt will ya

Link5794 18

Hey 182mind your own damn business will ya

Dang. Fyl and F your mom too

Aww 23 beat me to the punch line. Anyway her profile said she would take it anywhere, anytime ;)

you guys know that her profile picture is Linsey Lohan right? lmao whatever floats your boat

2-not ur real's a Victoria's secret ad. :/

haha nice profile i wonder how many creepy idiots actually emailed him

2- thats erin from Victoria Secert

lmao desperate slut. I bet your fat and ugly.

I'll bet its a man.

49 - duh. 2 is obviously a guy. haha.

suck her toes

What the fuck? Just really. Why did you say that?

um. true...? -.-

HA, thats funny!, people sometimes cannot appreciate random and fucked up comments, it takes skill and imagination to deliver a comment like that, hats off too you.

Bitch, gimme my money! *Stewie beats Brian*

I love family guy!(:

And I hope 'TheRealFamilyGuy' doesn't ruin this thread with a lame comment, trying to act like Peter.

I agree with 26.

I was up at like 1 am the first time I seen that episode and I laughed all the way through it xD

what did she spend it on?

drugs and manwhores.

So how did you find out?

The grandmother probably asked if she got it.

Bit of a reverse from pilfering her wallet... Still now u know it's mum that's cheap not your gran

Excuse me, but is that really how you say "French is my second language"? I could have sworn it was "Français est ma langue deuxième"

No it's "Français est ma deuxième langue"

My thanks. Damn Google translation.

"Le français" actually...

my mom does this to me but the money's usually in my wallet when she steels it

um is steal just sayon

45- you should go jogging

85 You need to stop being a bitch.

she is also a slut. 21 with a 2 year old? wtf!?

oh dont even! how do u know shes a slut cuz she's 21 wit a 2 year old?!?! girls younger then tht got babies, age dot determine how good the mom or dad can/will be.

#117- I have no idea what you just said..

Her child lives with the dad, I think that says more about what kind of parent she is than her age does..

85, I don't know man, about you mocking others' profile pictures. You're just an eyeliner short of being a queer fag Justin Bieber backup dancer yourself.

queer fag? really?

No. She lives with her dad because I have been too sick in the past year to provide for her. I've been in the hospital more than out, you ass!

116- I am 23 and my child does not make me a slut. I had been with her dad for a long time. We were engaged for a time, but things don't always work out.

Ok 137, I know you're the PrideSpeak facilitator. But could you put that aside for FML, or perhaps suggest an alternative description? And do I need to address you as "Sir"?

All I was saying was age is irrelevant, not that it's bad she lives with her dad! So if they were gonna pick on something why not that? But whatever.. Snappy little bitch aren't you

I carry my important stuff in an athletic bag that I keep with me almost 24-7 so my money is pretty safe.

What kind of mom stills from her son? Try stealing something from her to see how it feels. FYL

what kind of son steals from her mom? she should steal from him so he know how it feels. wait...

low on money for drugs?

maybe they need the money really badly

What kind of idiot doesn't know how to spell 'steals'?

183, if she needs it, she should explain the situation and ask.

The type that has autocorrect?

How would that solve anything?

How about you grow up?

I think you're just horny, 27, go do something about it instead of telling people that you'd like to fuck them or that you want someone to suck you off.

Ballin, you fail at life! Time to do us all a favour and quit..

Thank you, 98.

call suicide hotline