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  Ajjas013  |  6

My ass. She's not a keeper check if she's joking. If not flush her.

  dollymolly_92  |  0

She is too a keeper. All people that think this is discusting should stay on this website. If you think this is cool or amazing click on over to MLIA. much better stuff there ;)

  CapinWinky  |  0

So there is a direct relationship to your IQ and your fear of your own waste. Basically the recorded how much toilet paper people used and their IQ. The higher the IQ, the less toilet paper used.

This wouldn't bother me at all, kinda funny actually. I mean really, what's worse, a clean toilet or a dirty foot? Maybe I'm a little biased, I do eat my girlfriend's arse (only right after a bath).

  jackkerouc9  |  0

Go watch Mythbusters for one and then go research it. It's a fact that the porcelain and plastic that toilets are made of are resistant to the growth of bacteria to a point. But the fact you are disgusted by my comment is not shocking considering Hillbillies usually have Outhouses and Port a Jons in their backyards.

  stone_light  |  0

"the toilet is the cleanest place in the house"

actually true
not only is the bowl anti bacterial and stuff, but the water is slightly bleached. which is why it is unhealthy to your dog to drink out of it, not cuz its where you shit, its cuz its drinking chemicals

if it were not the cleanest place then bacteria would grow and youd get infections everytime you take a crap

  Kervik  |  0

There's not enough information to deduce she does not bleach it and scrub it before cleaning in the toilet. Maybe she has a phobia to showers? There's phobias for some really odd things out there . . .

  jchansfan  |  0

Yes i'm so sure she never showers. Don't you think that'd be included in the FML, just because it makes it even grosser and that'd probably be easier to catch than the footflush... :/

  cityignites  |  0

The water in the bowl of your toilet is not as clean as that of the water in your shower, wtf.

Although, the water in the tank on the back of the toilet is clean, drinkable, even.

  azhein  |  0

this is very disgusting but I doubt the person would wash her feet right after she used the toilet even if she does really use the toilet to wash her feet

By  4ube_fml  |  6

Water in the toilet is as clean as your shower or kitchen sink.
As long as there are no fancy products in there and it's cleaned regulary, whatever you spit or urinate somewhere it's the same...

  fmh123  |  0

does it matter, wash your feet in the dam tub. Knowing that you take shits and pee in the toilet. Besides the water might be clean but im sure the toilet isnt.