By mook05 - 21/10/2010 02:04 - United States

Today, I found out that my girlfriend of 6 months is not actually on vacation with her cousin but is moving in with her fiancé. FML
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Better not let her fiance find out his future wife has been cheating on him with you. Just saying.


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schwancy 2

Why are some people such dirty *****?

cbr600_fml 0

exactly op look at it this way at least ur not the one marrying the ****

knibbsy 4

@20 - because they like it that way.

pwincessa23 1

The gf Is weird. it's called karma!!! not to be a troll but I'm happy cuz I got first. not important but I think it's cool.

trueblue42 4

ouch is all I have to say. you'll move on though... :(

stephanie0613 0

I agree with 21, FYL OP but atleast she's your ex girlfriend now. I hope.

iSitt 0

karma is bs. no good deed goes unpunished either. goto her wedding and when the priest asks if there is anyone who objects, stand up and show her sexts.

littlemissdqgirl 8
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Obviously he did not mean ex gf! what kind of lame FML would that be then?! ... I just realized that my ex has moved on and is engaged?!..... You should read it properly next time...

surefirewinners 0

31, I think she meant ex-girlfriend now.

fmls are best read as if they are happening as you read them, it's narrative.

mrbobmarley4 8

I see what you did there (:

firechildredhead 0

Oh dang! How did you not suspect ANYTHING was going on? Not even just a little? Sorry OP. FYL

If you live in the Southern United States or are a member of an old fashioned European royal family, there's a chance both statements could be true! "Waits for people who can't take a joke"

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FYLDeep 25

I would think that the demographic that wouldn't like that would be pretty small.

I'm from the Southern US, and I have to say that, as a Southerner, you', right. Dammit.

Psiren 0

headbutt that bitch and walk away shell understand loud and clear

triple_double 1

Hahaha. I thought the same thing! That will teach the bitch a lesson. Mwahaha :D *rubs hands in evil manner*