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Better not let her fiance find out his future wife has been cheating on him with you. Just saying.


Wow. well I'm sorry.

Why are some people such dirty sluts?

exactly op look at it this way at least ur not the one marrying the slut

@20 - because they like it that way.

The gf Is weird. it's called karma!!! not to be a troll but I'm happy cuz I got first. not important but I think it's cool.

ouch is all I have to say. you'll move on though... :(

I agree with 21, FYL OP but atleast she's your ex girlfriend now. I hope.

karma is bs. no good deed goes unpunished either. goto her wedding and when the priest asks if there is anyone who objects, stand up and show her sexts.

Obviously he did not mean ex gf! what kind of lame FML would that be then?! ... I just realized that my ex has moved on and is engaged?!..... You should read it properly next time...

31, I think she meant ex-girlfriend now.

fmls are best read as if they are happening as you read them, it's narrative.

I see what you did there (:

Sad day :( I'm sorry op

Classic FYL :)

Oh dang! How did you not suspect ANYTHING was going on? Not even just a little? Sorry OP. FYL

You are better off without her op.

nnot neceserily she may nevrr get another gf

If you live in the Southern United States or are a member of an old fashioned European royal family, there's a chance both statements could be true! "Waits for people who can't take a joke"

*Furious statement of fury*

I would think that the demographic that wouldn't like that would be pretty small.

I'm from the Southern US, and I have to say that, as a Southerner, you', right. Dammit.

headbutt that bitch and walk away shell understand loud and clear

Bang her sister?

bang her fiancé?

Hahaha. I thought the same thing! That will teach the bitch a lesson. Mwahaha :D *rubs hands in evil manner*