By Dumped - / Thursday 18 February 2010 08:58 / United States
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By  oh_dee  |  0

Wow, this sucks a lot (especially if you really loved her), but it's a good thing that you broke up...cheating shouldn't be tolerated and she should feel guilty for what she did. I'm not sure if I would have the strength to give a guy another chance if he cheated on me.

  Enoch134  |  0

sadly this happen to me :( yet when I tried to tell her it didn't matter I still loved her she walked away 4 weeks later I found out she is spreading rumors that I beat her 0.o (I did not) now I can't get a date:(

  Ouroboros_fml  |  0

Next time your would-be anniversary rolls around, send her an anniversary card, but cross out whatever is written inside and write "Tipsy Tipsy Trollup" and draw a stickfigure of a drunken whore with a sign around her neck reading "Handjobs 25 cents, Blowjobs $2, the works, $5"

  sourgirl101  |  22

#114 that is too funny! I'm picturing the drawing! Seems that Op would rather be with a hoe then alone. Sorry for your heartbreak. Don't worry there are still plenty of hoes out there to replace her.

By  tiancai  |  0

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By  m11583  |  0

Wow, this is word for word what happened to me, and she was from Cali too. Does she live near San Fransisco?

So in conclusion "Same B*tch, Different C*nt"

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