By Dumped - United States
Today, I found out that my girlfriend got drunk and cheated on me. After I tried to talk to her about it, she dumped me. Not because she didn't like me anymore or that she liked the other guy, but because she felt "too guilty" and "wouldn't be able to look me in the eyes anymore." FML
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By  oh_dee  |  0

Wow, this sucks a lot (especially if you really loved her), but it's a good thing that you broke up...cheating shouldn't be tolerated and she should feel guilty for what she did. I'm not sure if I would have the strength to give a guy another chance if he cheated on me.

  Enoch134  |  0

sadly this happen to me :( yet when I tried to tell her it didn't matter I still loved her she walked away 4 weeks later I found out she is spreading rumors that I beat her 0.o (I did not) now I can't get a date:(

  Ouroboros_fml  |  0

Next time your would-be anniversary rolls around, send her an anniversary card, but cross out whatever is written inside and write "Tipsy Tipsy Trollup" and draw a stickfigure of a drunken whore with a sign around her neck reading "Handjobs 25 cents, Blowjobs $2, the works, $5"

  sourgirl101  |  28

#114 that is too funny! I'm picturing the drawing! Seems that Op would rather be with a hoe then alone. Sorry for your heartbreak. Don't worry there are still plenty of hoes out there to replace her.

By  tiancai  |  0

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By  m11583  |  0

Wow, this is word for word what happened to me, and she was from Cali too. Does she live near San Fransisco?

So in conclusion "Same B*tch, Different C*nt"