By Anonymous - 09/11/2009 05:47 - New Zealand

Today, I found out that my friend uses pictures of me to motivate her to work out. They are accompanied by sayings such as "you don't want to turn out like this." FML
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You should work out, you dont want to stay like that

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You ought to put up a picture of her and tell her it motivates you not to **** every bum and hobo in town like she does.


i guess they're not really your friend get revenge!

tell her "heres something better to replace that photo with" and give her a mirror

You should work out, you dont want to stay like that

Geeez, how do we know that the OP is even overweight? She could be a normal size. Her "friend" sounds kind of crazy, anyway. It sounds like she's working out so she can be twig-thin rather than healthy.

you asshole why do you people say these mean things to the OPs you mean ignorint bastards why don't you judge yourself instead of telling

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Hahaha you do realise you get strong and build muscle from working out right? You and other people are so dumb. You don't get anorexic from exercise. Fuckkkkk.

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Your fault for being that fat and/or ugly. Get up and DO something and you might better? Either way, YDI.

Yes. Because she's overweight, she completely deserves to be hurt by someone who is supposed to be their friend. Totally their fault, totally. Is it just me, or do a lot of people miss the point? Being overweight DOES NOT give others the right to discriminate, humiliate, and otherwise treat them as subhumans. It DOES NOT matter that it's something "they can control themselves". OP, that sucks. I think you should have a talk with her, and then probably just stop talking to her. :/ That kind of person isn't worth anyone's time.

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Is it just me or are YOU overweight? I have no way of proving whether you are or are not because this is the internet and you can deny it. But as I've noticed as I've scrolled through this site in order to entertain myself while in Iraq, the majority of the posters are either fat, or ugly. If your life sucks because you're fat, its your fault you let it get that way. Do something to fix it. Maybe, work out with the friend that uses your mistakes to motivate herself. That does not make her a horrible friend. Use that to motivate yourself to workout. And yes it is not okay to "discriminate" against a fat person, but I will make fun of you all whenever I see you because I take the time out of every one of my days to make sure that I am staying in shape. Its called getting exercise from running and going to the gym. You should try it.

wow... and just because you're vain doesn't give you the right to be an asshole. I am actually one of those girls who's naturally skinny but I work out to be healthy, and yet I still manage to have a heart and a conscience! You can too! You should try it.

You're lucky and you appreciate it. However, if people do not take personal responsibility, everyone is going to be paying consequences, in the literal and metaphorical sense. 40% of our tax money goes towards healthcare, and that's pre-reform. Would you be so friendly to a diabetic who fell asleep at the wheel and killed a family, when he could have prevented his entire disease by running for half an hour each day?

i agree. fat ppl are stupid. they eat themselves into something and expect us to love it. they could stop eating and work out a little. they are a drain on resources. people in Ethiopia would kill for .01% of the food a fat person eats in a day and it would last them a month...

Im sorry but aren't illiterates such as yourself just as much a drain on the worlds resources as fat people? Did even the fat chick turn you down? Fat people can loose weight, you'll always be ugly. Now kindly remove yourself from the gene pool with a fork and a blow torch.

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How are they a drain on resources? If anything, they stimulate our shitty economy. Besides, people need to shut the **** up about Africa. Yeah, many people over there are starving and it's a terrible situation. No, that doesn't mean people who are fat are stealing the food of your goddamn precious starving Ethiopians.

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The drain on resources idea comes from the fact that (in general, not always) overweight/obese people tend to be of lower socioeconomic status, which makes it harder for them to get health insurance, both because of their economic means, and because obesity can be considered a pre-existing condition (as can things like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, which often co-occur with obesity.) When something goes wrong for people without health insurance, they go to the emergency room. People who are overweight/obese have problems more often because their weight puts them at risk for all kinds of things, from depression to heart-attacks. Thus, an obese person without health insurance costs society more than a person of healthy weight without health insurance. This is in many ways an oversimplification, but it's the general idea. I don't believe that the stigma necessarily originates here, however; people who say it does are just making an excuse. I think in some ways it's a class issue--being overweight/obese can be a marker of low SES, and we live in a society that invariably and universally favors the wealthy. I think this is also tied up in misconceptions, such as those of fat people being lazy (they're not), and even just general ideas about what is attractive. Our society definitely has a prejudice against "fat" people, which is certainly unfair. (Even I sometimes find myself assuming that overweight people aren't as smart as me, without meaning to.) However, that doesn't mean that it's not in a person's best interest to maintain a healthy weight--this goes back to the physical and psychological issues that can arise from being obese/overweight. Talk to a doctor, a trainer, and/or a psychotherapist about a healthy diet and exercise plan, with therapy if need be (if compulsive overeating or depression is making losing weight difficult).

not everyone with diabetes is fat. and before someone gives me a 1000 essay on how most fat people probably have diabetes, i repeat: not EVERYONE with diabetes is fat.

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I definitely didn't mean to imply that everyone with diabetes is fat. But type II diabetes commonly occurs with the kind of diet that can lead to obesity--that is a fact.

Yeah, maybe if she has some sort of genetic disorder that made her overweight it would be cruel. But if she's overweight due to laziness and binge eating, then it's funny. You don't exercise then you get fat and out of shape. It's no-ones fault but your own. It's something you can control (i know, there's some situations when you can't). YDI for being fat and lazy.

like your personalities ugly? People like you are a waste of space.

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you know I'm 14 years old and I know that it is NOT as easy as it sounds to loose wieght, I'm not heavy and never have been but,for some people it isn't so easy it's called eating disorders and some people it's just them they are lager than other people that doesn't many ANYONE should be any bit rude to them, I was rude and immature about this once but then I realized wat am I doin? maybe it's not their fault maybe it's a problem they hav from all u ignorant people bein rude to them so next time anyone of u wants to be a dick to somebody first stop and think, if I were like them I wouldn't want to be treated like this, I knew. file that died from obeisedy she tried and tried to get better but she couldnt do it, so next time think and don't be a dick

I don't understand how some people say it's someone's fault for being ugly? I'm pretty sure you can't just control what you want to look like

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chubby girls aren't attractive, but fun to **** sometimes...

that's not even funny.. just shows your a douche.

Some people on this website are so immature and sound so stupid. Seriously people, what do you get out of hurting people and making fun of them??? Seriously I want to know. What happens when you act like a complete douche-bag and hurt someone because of they way they look?? What are you gonna do when say someday you have children and your children are pudgy and they come home CRYING on a daily basis because of ASSHOLES like yourself?? Then what? You gonna tell your child the same idiotic crap you spew on here?? Doubtful. Hopefully someday you CHILDREN grow up and learn that words do hurt.

i wouldn't want to be any of their kids, they'd be bad parents.

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You ought to put up a picture of her and tell her it motivates you not to **** every bum and hobo in town like she does.

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maybe you should try working out.

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what a great friend... seriously that's so rude.