By noname - 27/04/2012 12:04 - United States - Alexandria

Today, I found out that my fellow marching band mates all refer to me as the "short girl with big tits" because none of them can remember my name. FML
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A lot of girls would dig that nickname, though. Or at the very least, just dig having big enough tits to be remembered by.

stevenJB 25

BOOBIES. That is all. :)


A lot of girls would dig that nickname, though. Or at the very least, just dig having big enough tits to be remembered by.

n_epic_fail 14

You obviously are not a girl with big tits.

If I say not true, I doubt anyone would believe me. So to risk being pelted with HURR DURR PROOF PICS, omg you're so right~ Plus I fail to ever see how a nickname like this is bad, but I guess it's just me. "haha, ANATOMY!"

She should have a breast reduction - that'll teach them! Seriously OP - that's degrading and you shouldn't have to put up with that.

It is better than being the short girl with no tits

16 - are you? Now I would be offended if someone gave me a nickname of the short fat girl or something rude. I'm short with big tits... I've been referred to as the short girl with big tits... I've always laughed it off. I'd rather be remembered for something positive... Cuz none of that was an insult. And if OP flashes out about it then she will be remembered as the short bitch who takes shit too seriously. Embrace it OP!!!

Marcella1016 31

I have to agree with number 1. As a thin woman with large breasts (since middle school...and I'm now mid-20s), I'm used to people noticing them. It's just one of those things. And honestly my first thought when I read the FML was "At least you're not the ugly girl with bad breath and acne" or "the bitch" or something like that. F OP's life for the band not remembering her name, but as far as nicknames go, things could be far worse!

Idonebeenhad 17

Funny..there's a girl who fits that description at my school who's in marching band, I can't remember her name, and I live in Virginia too

LOL you knew what I meant!!! Damn the irony in what I said...

#45 - If you notice people looking your breasts, those people (probably men), don't have good staring skills. The trick is too always keep your eyes on both her chest and face.

Guess what time it is? It's double-standard trivia time! And this one's a doozy... How come some girls/women with large breasts wear skimpy clothing, then turn around and complainn about how men are disgusting, perverted pigs who only want one thing? Whoever answers this wins the double-standard trivial award! Bonus question! Why do girls wear low cut shirts with words written along the breasts, then get mad when guys stare? Good luck answering!

#63 - I have an answer for both. For attention.

Well if you have big breasts it's sometimes hard to find clothes that fit the right way so it seems like they are being skimpy, but they aren't trying to be. I've had some busty friends tell me that, I don't have a big chest, but if I did I wouldn't want that to be what people remembered me for. I would disagree with number one, and the person that said that it's better than being short with no boobs. I love my body and my breast size and having small breasts is not a bad thing and being very busty is not a good thing. Sure people can have preferences, but they're not intrinsically one or the other, they're just boobs.

Maybe I should point out I'm not implying big boobs are better, or being remembered for them. But if I have to get called anything, I'd rather it be for being busty because I don't consider it a bad thing necessarily. Rather that than Braille Face or something. I'm glad to hear someone is comfortable with themselves. Girls with big boobs complain they are too big and girls with small boobs, vice versa. The grass is not always greener and OP shouldn't complain as she didn't really get a bad nickname. Laugh it off and introduce yourself.

The thing is, it's not a bad thing to be busty, so in that respect OP shouldn't be upset, but for that to be the only thing you are known for? Come on, you've got to see that as degrading.

It's true, but if I were in the bandmate's situation I would go with the most noticeable aspect. It could be someone's boobs or maybe a weird hair color. At least they're only saying it when they have to mention her, and not obnoxiously yelling about her huge tits from across a lot. Really no excuse for that.

That is true. I'm more angry that so many people here are saying that it's better than being known for having small boobs. It's really this kind of thing that makes people uncomfortable with their own bodies. I really have no problem with someone liking big boobs more than small ones, but to tell someone that they are better off because they don't have small boobs is kind of crossing a line.

Evolutionarily speaking big breasts would indicate better nursing ability so these women would be better suited for reproduction. So women with big breast, because of their higher fitness, would be naturally selected. this may be why men have a tendency to prefer big breasts even thought there is not immediate benefit for men. Why are they nice to look at. Evolution is my guess. We see big boobs and our mind says that's good.

Marcella1016 31

95 - that's completely true. I'm well-endowed and not to be too graphic, but when I wear loose clothes they hang down off my breasts and a couple inches away from my stomach and make me look fat. It's a balancing act. I guess the best "conservative" clothes for me are form-fitting but don't show cleavage. If I do want attention I do show cleavage. All said, I'd prefer much smaller breasts. Nothing wrong with a B cup!

There is nothing "wrong" with any cup. Get over yourself titties McGee.

I'm a woman and I love all breasts! Boobs are boobs! Big or small they all have their purpose. I'm just saying embrace what you got and who cares what others think or say! I get more offended when people make fun of my height... Short chicks rock :-P

look im 4"11 and i wear 30 E they are 100% natural and its a real pain i would give my tits to someone else bras are so hard to find tht i have to wear 32DD i feel u op on this one because i cant have one straight conversation with a man with out him starring at my chest

Haha coincidence! There is a girl like that in my marching band but i live in pennsylvania

The point is that they should take the two seconds to bother learning her name instead of giving her a sexually objectifying nickname. As a busty gal, I always disliked nicknames related to my physiology. I don't refer to others as "Fatty McGee" or "Pencil Dick Frank," so no one should anyone refer to me as "Big Boobs Jackie;" it's sexist and lazy.

ImDaBes 6

120 - What your saying is absolutely true. Studies have been done on it. The "coke bottle" shape so appealing on a woman is so because large tits subconsciously tell men on an evolutionary level that she would be a goo mother (nursing wise anyways) same with the hips (good birth canal) and its the same for women, they are more likely to be attracted to the built jock ass hole type because subconsciously on an evolutionary level that type is still thought of as the warrior who can protect his family. (While many women settle down in the Long term with more sensitive caring guys who provide a different kind of security, women still can't help but become sexually attracted to the "warrior" type during ovulation) we r all hardwired based on evolution. And evolution has decreed big tits are better.

All this talk about tits is making me horny

180, not all men are the same, y'know, that's just generalising. I have small boobs and my boyfriend prefers them smaller. Also, what about women who are attracted to women and eroticize big breasts?

Some of us happen to adore small breasts. Just sayin'...

That's not generalizing. No one said "everybody prefers large boobs and small boobs are a waste!" it's true, studies have been shown to back up the theory about better breeding. But I also know plenty of people who love smaller boobs. And that's okay! Like someone pointed out earlier, nothing wrong with a B. or an A. Or two about-to-pop watermelons that somehow have not torn off despite weighing a ton.

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If op was a guy it would be a problem but op is a girl and I fail to see the problem

AceArctic 4

158- There's always at least one girl that fits the description in the band.

cc_the_beast 6

Like my boyfriend says; anything more than a handful is a waste...

214 - The problem is that the people don't bother to learn her name and gave her a nickname based on physical appearance. Keep at it commenters! This is one of the calmest, most constructive comment threads I've ever seen.

#63 - my answer for the bonus question: "It's a trap!"

n_epic_fail 14

I find it degrading when people remember only my boobs. I for one wouldn't like to be remembered as just the girl with "big tits"

aimeesea75 16

Am I the only one who thought of that one part of Easy A..?

So, no "J.J. McJuggernaut"?

Sk8trlover19 3

You know short chicks do rock, well said!

stevenJB 25

BOOBIES. That is all. :)

Your picture goes well with that comment.

shanemaximo 7

Well big tits are terrific. Besides, just think how much worse your nickname could be. What if it were short girl with big head?

*derp voice* YaY!!! B00BiEsssss *eye twitch at himself*

Better than short girl with small tits.

xoconnie 8

thats what u get for being in the marching band... LOL burn!!!!!!!!hahahahahaha

Wow, you showed her with your totally mature comment. Tsssss, scorched.

OHai15 12

its ok OP, ur name could have been a lot worse. ex.: tall girl with uneven tits..........

OHai15 12

( . Y . )

Why's wrong with being petit with small breasts?

What's wrong with being petit with small breasts?

stevenJB 25

What's wrong with being PETITE with small breasts? And nothing. Boobs are boobs. Amazing all the long it doesn't look like a twelve year old boys chest. XD and I was a twelve yr old once. So no one can say "omg how do yhu know what a twelfe yr old boys chest looks lyke?!" Ty that is all :)

Take it as a compliment

I've heard worse

nadnerbz 6

You've got a nice rack, take it as a compliment!

torch433 1

not really a bad nickname

You don't think so? Just imagine how much a guy would hate to be known as "That tall guy with the massive cock....". What? Wait. No. I mean.... Really thou' we should all be permitted to be more than our appearance or a collection of body parts.

p3mguin 7

I think short girls with large boobs are hot. But seriously that's a bad name to have a reputation for.

Agreed, 22, but if OP only spoke her name once and didn't really know said bandmates well, it could have been a worse nickname as someone pointed out. This isn't the best, but I'd rather be told I have big tits than have a mustache or something.

pablopoo 7

Every guy would love their nickname to be that guy with a massive cock but maybe having bigger body parts and having a reputation for them is only awesome to guys lmfao??

MizzErikaHart 8

Ok most girls don't really like MASSIVE cocks... They're actually scary

53 - just like men don't really like massive boobs! Hang on. No. Scratch that. I'll be lynched.

pablopoo 7

53??? Bull shit haha and ur wit a black guy in ur pick so ya:p

Stereotype much?

#85, quit stereotyping. Not every black guy has a big package.

And not every girl wants a man with a big penis.

85-Shut your ignorant mouth. Seriously, not all black people are hung like horses. I'm not. And what does her dating a black guy have to do with anything? You don't even KNOW if she's dating him. Next time keep your ignorance to yourself. Prick.

tosch678 2

And the issue with that is what? Lol

Alexisthebestest 16

OP is from Virginia and is known as the short girl with big tits. I'm also from Virginia & was called that by a few guys in high school. Weird coincidence...

It's not that bad, besides, I think it would be a compliment! Lots of guys go for the girls with the noticeable tits :)

At least she is presumably popular with her band mates.

How popular can she be if they can't remember her name?

toalysium 15

Lots? I would think its more like all.

I'm guessing this also got a lot if dislikes because the comment (not reply) below me has +77 and I have +15. Why would you dislike my comment? Tell me why, so in the future they can be better :)

Because you have offended all the girls of the FML community who have less noticeable tits!!! :O Nah just kidding, I haven't a clue. :)

Write your name on your chest perhaps? No, that's bad advice..

I like your advice. :P

That distracts them from her tits. And, technically, it's also a compliment. They're saying OP is sexy and hot.

I personally think it's a good advice since that's where they are looking anyways :x

Thanks guys. (:

cc_the_beast 6

166-having big titties does not automatically make you sexy and hot, I've seen plenty of chicks with MAMMOTH boobs that were viscously ugly.

There's a difference between big and mammoth. Mammoth Is too big. Besides, I think a person's face is just as important as boobs(maybe even more important). I also think that personality is just as important as a person's face. One more thing, I never said it wasn't an insult, for those people.

Well go up to them, and say "If you want these (push boobs up), remember my name which is -insert name-". They'll remember.

But then when they do remember, she has to deliver....

^in that case she'll then get the nickname of being that girl "that delivers" It's sorta a lose-lose for OP

What about the girl bandmates that can't remember her name? Then they'll see her as the slut....

Take that as a compliment!

Redoxx_fml 22

She'd do well at King's Landing

Only once you rule it, King of the North. Also, could you cut off Joffreys (I have no idea how you spelt that pricks name) penis and shove it down his throat as you decapitate him with a butter knife? That'd be swell. Thanks in advance.