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  Nena713  |  0

Just because they are hiding food from Op doesn't necessarily mean they are fat. My cousin hides food from her bro because he just eats everything, and he's thin.

  purgarus  |  6

Holy crap! my family does the same thing to me, I found out when I overheard them talking about it, and I only weigh 140 pounds I just eat alot because Im growing still lol there jerks for doing it though, but I get revenge by doing evil pranks to them without them knowing it was me. Also I spyed on them and found out where they hide it so I don't really care anymore.

  xxxmoneyxxx  |  0

just find where they store the food. wait till their gone and if it's that important, search the house for however long you need to find the food. remember to check places outside or in the dryer. good times......