By Stupid_Chick - 01/06/2010 01:09 - Canada

Today, I found out that my family hides food from me. FML
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Which of your chins are they hiding the food under?

^^^ heyyy! I'm not fat and my family hides food from me too.


first and get on a diet fatty

Well we hid food from my bro but that's just cuz he'll eat all the good treats quick

This IS his diet...

Just because they are hiding food from Op doesn't necessarily mean they are fat. My cousin hides food from her bro because he just eats everything, and he's thin.

i do that with my family all the time...not cuz they're fat just cuz they always eat the good shit before me

Holy crap! my family does the same thing to me, I found out when I overheard them talking about it, and I only weigh 140 pounds I just eat alot because Im growing still lol there jerks for doing it though, but I get revenge by doing evil pranks to them without them knowing it was me. Also I spyed on them and found out where they hide it so I don't really care anymore.

buy your own food then

I hide food from myself.. wait what?!? lol

Hahaha, you goto stop eating all the good food!

I hide food from the cashier

lmao that's what my family does too

33, I believe there is a name for that ;)

if you have got to a point where your family thinks they should hide food from you I would take it in and go to the gym or eat less

just find where they store the food. wait till their gone and if it's that important, search the house for however long you need to find the food. remember to check places outside or in the dryer. good times......

my roommates in my dorm do that cuz ill eat up everything when i get home from a party

I agree 11 we hide food from my brother because he will it all the good snacks.

62 stop trying to get attention

damn you just got schooled faggot haha

you probably deserve it... does your family also call you "eat em' up"?

nice pong table

We do that to my step-brother . xD

lol thats what they do to my brother, he eats everything in sight he is soo fatt .

yeah stay out of elementry schools to, you just might eat a kid. it's not safe for wild animals to be set free like you.

Just rob them for food! 

my family does to.

exactly. I sometimes hide food from my sister cause she always eats what's not hers and she's not fat at all

my family does that too, my moms new bf and his kids are fat. his 10 yr old is 118 I'm 14 and weigh 127.

22 you do look like drake in this picture ^^^

^^^ heyyy! I'm not fat and my family hides food from me too.

They're obviously telling you something. Take a hint and don't be such a whiney ass about it.

Agreed, OP you obviously eat way too much

OK. You are either a: - fat person who won't stop eating and needs a diet NOW. - bitch who hogs all the good food. pick one. (:

l pick the latter

yea some of us just have moms who are obsessed with our weight

awwww cute mini horse

Aww :( Maybe you eat all the good stuff? Make a stash and hide it in your room :)

cuz they don't have enough EBT to keep getting food when u eat it all haha

hahaha. that sucks.