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Fires happen more often than you'd think. Also firemen are usually first responders, even if there is no fire, as a back up for EMS. So even with no fires there's still sirens.

  aruam365  |  24

Some of them are actually paramedics and firefighters, they respond to many of our calls. We need them for a lot of things, they cut the tops of cars off to get car crash victims out when necessary, and many vital jobs for paramedics and EMTs. I hope OP and their dog manage to come up with a good solution for both of them.

  cOOkiEzRgOOd  |  22

We go to a lot of calls other than fires actually. MVA's (Motor Vehicle Accidents), O2 sensors, Ice Water Rescue, saving cats from places (literally I have gone twice for that) and many other things. My department gets 9x more MVA's than fires

By  pizzzah  |  9

well you'd have to hear the sirens anyway, adding on your dogs howl while thats going can't be that much worse if you'd have to hear the sirens to begin with