By anon - 11/01/2016 17:21 - United States - Spencer

Today, I found out that my crush of a few years likes me. How? Her boyfriend told me, followed by a punch in the face. FML
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Keep an eye out for when they break up, I guess? If they do?

At least she likes you!! There's hope..


Please do not tempt the Kool-Aid Man. The amount of damage has caused is astronomical. Thanks

Why so hate ?

amount of damage this has caused*

Keep an eye out for when they break up, I guess? If they do?

Eye see what you did there!

Eye would say to tell your crush what her boyfriend did. That'll definitely cause some issues if you want to break them up. He seems like a bad enough guy.

You might even say love struck?

At least she likes you!! There's hope..

#3 True. He needs to make her realize that she deserves better than that paranoid, aggressive asshat.

New plan. Charge him with assault and then when he's put away, take his girl.

Actually I think it was the punch to the face that hurt

I highly doubt that.

Well, they might break up.......... There is hope

Cause that's DEFINITELY within your control, some people smh

Which means she told her boyfriend. Possible break up incoming! You've got a chance, OP!

even if they don't break up, go for it. Be the gentleman that he obviously isn't.

I think you may be a little confused as to what a gentleman is.

Mathalamus 24

pretty sure the boyfriend doesn't have the right to punch you like that. or do anything about it at all. its a crush. nothing more. he is supposed to trust his girlfriend to do the right thing, such as ignore it, or she breaks up, and then hooks up with her crush, in that order.