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  ohmandapants  |  16

I've been in the crush's position and I did what he did. He doesn't have to be with her just because SHE likes him. It doesn't work that way. She was probably too pushy and needy and possibly creepy. Most people don't appreciate that. Doesn't mean the guy's not worth anything.

  Pendragon525  |  0

He's told her to back off, and that's what she needs to do. Otherwise, the next time she hears from the crush will be when she gets handed a restraining order. No means no.

  larlarlauren  |  0

I'm with you. Obv she was just under the impression he liked her. She just now found out the truth. Not sure why everyone assumes she is a stalker and not just misunderstanding him.

  darkmis1  |  17

I've had to do what OPs crush did, and the first thing I did was tell the guy that I was sorry, but I wasn't interested. If they still didn't listen, then I made up the boyfriend.