By Cleo - / Wednesday 23 June 2010 14:27 / Brunei Darussalam
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  lilmissy1290  |  0

OP you probably are very akward and annoying.. ydi.. as far as defamation of character I highly doubt the op could do anything about it.. that is for saying untrue things that could hurt the person's reputation.. it has nothing to do with being called annoying or saying the talk too much.. if saying you dislike someone behind their back was a crime the majority of high school kids would be in serious trouble.. but i wonder how op found out


I don't know why people post these types of fml's. this is just embarrasing on your part, clearly you're a loser at work and are very annoying and posting it on fml just makes it even more known just how eccentric you are. Here's some advise, quit your job ( as I have no Idea how you could work there knowing they all talk behind your back), work somewhere else and learn from this and be less annoying. peace!

  lilmissy1290  |  0

115 is right.. start looking for another job and at the next one be less annoying.. and OP how many times did you try to add your coworkers, if more than one that is kinda creepy

  lololol247  |  0

115 nailed exactly what I was thinking. OP, I'll try to break this to ya as gently as possible ....

You're a fucking loser. Stop talking so much and maybe you'll be giving another human being a chance to talk. That's how you make friends.

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