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  ariannaimelda  |  7

True, but I would be so frustrated if that happened. I hate when people steal work and take the credit.

Is there any way you can prove it's your photo OP? FYL indeed :/

  dre_bro11  |  12

50, isn't it words?

And OP, not sure about the US, but in Australia, works are automatically copyrighted to the creator. I'd check if this applies in the US, and if it does, your picture is copyrighted to you and your friend has infringed the copyright law... Unless of course you gave them permission to use it and you're not telling us.

  kareltje  |  17

#78: giving permission to use doesn't equal signing over copyright. Giving permission to use doesn't include entering the image in a photocontest under your own name. And ANY photocontest has as one of the first rules of entry that the person entering the image should be the one holding the rights to the image and possibly having releades for any recognisable person or property in the image. Only a jury doesn't know whether an image is unrightfully entered until the rightful owner stands up and object. Hopefully OP didn't take the image with the camera of the "friend", otherwise it's hard to prove. To OP one wird: METADATA. Most cameras these days have image authentication, which will write your nane and copyright to a (for the amateur) uneditable part of the METADATA. Use it!

  littlegold  |  7

I agree with people above copyright could get u outta this problem... But it is money or friend and honestly... It really depends on how good they have been to you over the years... Is the other person worth it??????

  1215116a  |  14

This is why me and other Americans get teased about suing to much.