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it's called take a shower and it just falls off

Your penis falls off in the shower? Yikes!


you both aren't. I'm the smartest!

He didn't finish his sentence.

hahaha!!! You gotta air dry brotha!

Really? It took you putting one on to realize that?

his bright what?

60 bright as in smart

69......... *smh*

sorry smart asses it should have been 'you're'. I'm sure you got what I meant ass holes.

apparently, you're not with basic grammar

You're bright too... Great spelling.

We learn something new every day.

the more you know...

And I was like, no shit Sherlock!

A new day brings new ideas.

and thus it is always a good idea to learn from other people's mistakes. having a laugh about it is a plus.

You should've used the kind that only stick to itself.

it's called take a shower and it just falls off

Your penis falls off in the shower? Yikes!

that's happened to my friend... he turned Rex to rachel

ha 17 thats what i was thinking

Ohh stop being a wuss. Who knows, you might like a little pain down there. ;-)

Why would you put a band-aid there in the first place?

that's what I was thinking! what could you have possibly done which requires a bandaid?? besides everyone knows it only works as a contraception if you put it on the girls belly button

Excessive rubbing can lead to bloody situations.

What if he has some sort of bruise or cut? Don't jump to conclusions...

why would you need a Band Aid for a bruise?

#19;; yes ive made my balls bleed.. kinda.

You dont need band-aids for bruises and i dont want to know why it would have gotten cut.

#57: How do you get a cut or bruise on your penis???

121 beating your meat to hard.

He cut himself while beeing blowed by your mom.

he was doing what now??

Try *being. or *getting head.

Maybe he was geting a bee blowjob. A girl with braces and a mouth full of honey can give an exciting bj.

15. try blown as well. works even gooder. trust me, I lrn English rite cuz it fucking matters. grow up and go hump a grammar textbook.

umm gooder isn't a word.... it's better... lol YDI for thinking you got good grammar when you don't even know that

you my friend, are an idiot. Not only is he not the OP, so you can't "YDI" him, but you clearly don't understand sarcasm to any extent. AND in addition you said " got good grammar." So please work on that.

Have a shower/bath. If you aren't some disgusting person who never washes, then you probably should've realised that plasters come off when immersed in water.

I agree, don't they always loosen or come off after a good shower or bath.

Unfortunately, the really good band-aids do not.

#13, you will need to fill that form out in triplicate and file it in the circular filing cabinet. OP, your P.U.55Y application has been approved.