By gkid92 - 16/08/2011 16:16 - Canada

Today, I found out that if I don't get fillings in at least ten of my teeth within the next year, I could lose them all. I'm 19. FML
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Petronix 5

Ever heard of floss and a toothbrush?

Kayble89 13

Ten filings, when is the last time you were at a dentist? YDI for your nasty ass mouth


Petronix 5

Ever heard of floss and a toothbrush?

I know man. If you need that many fillings you probably brush your teeth with mud instead of clean water.

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Depends on the mud. Cavities happen from sugar and acids.. not soil... OP Probably part of drinking anything but water at night and not brushing before bed. When you sleep is when the most erosion happens on your teeth. Good luck!

Nice update from the dentist from 20...

Brush your teeth! The hippie movement died out a long time ago if you still live under a rock!

flockz 19

i live under my bed. Fuckin creepers everywhere man...

iluvboobies 9

Go for a second opinion just in case, OP.

kaykay20 0

Be more like brown teeth then yellow

Maybe OP's problem isn't that she doesn't brush her teeth well or often enough. Maybe she has some sort of issue..? Because that's pretty extreme. Fillings aren't that bad, though. I'm almost 17 and I still haven't lost all my baby teeth... It'll be fun being an adult and having teeth be growing in. Teeth issues suck!

87 So you're the kind of girl that likes pain?

A good man always brushes.

you did that to yourself.

katieklein 0

floss and a toothbrush go along way (:

deathtrap 0

Or he could be a meth head. They rarely get to keep their teeth

Would OP even be alive if his brother was regularly slipping bleach into his toothpaste haha

Redhead99 16

My bf has some of his baby teeth and he is in his twenties its not that bad.

maybe he eats too much sweeties. I brush my teeth twice a day but get cavities every once in a blue moon when I eat too Mich sugar

crystal meth equals death...but first it rots ur teeth out

I have horrible teeth. I brush and floss 3 times a day and I have 4 teeth that DON'T have fillings. I'm 15!

No_habla_espanol 11

I blame the system! (If you're wondering, you DON'T know what I'm talking about)

monkeys1315 0

Maybe op is bulimic. They have really bad teeth.

I've got the same problem--and I brush twice a day and floss daily. Combination of weak enamel, night-grinding, and naturally craggy and fissured teeth will do it.

187 - That's a bit extreme. I'll hazard a guess and say you have receded gums as well. You're likely brushing away the enamel. Look into tooth soap/paste without glycerin. Glycerin coats the teeth with a sticky substance and can cause acids to eat away your enamel even more. Also, don't brush so hard.

you should ask to be put to sleep. there's no way I would want to be awake for all that.

Obviously not...........

mduffy08 8

Tooth decay killed my whole family...

I have a medical condition that makes my teeth a lot more weak than normal teeth so even though I brush 3 times a day, floss once and barely have any sugar I get cavities super often too. Maybe the OP has something similar?

Actually, I have teeth with deep crevices, and get cavities fairly easily. I brush twice a day and floss every other day out of habit, but sometimes I'll use mouthwash or floss more, etc. There doesn't seem to be anything I can do to avoid it. :( Even my dentist agrees that my teeth are evil.

My boyfriend has a condition that makes his saliva unusually acidic which causes him to have problems with cavities and the like. This person may not have poor hygeine they might have an actual problem.

So? Man up and get the fillings, their no big deal!

early stages of looking like a bum!

Dude I feel sorry for whoever he's kissed....

whomever* is it he kissed her, or he kissed she?

Does it really fucking matter?

feeesh 0

Although I'm sure op deserves some of those fillings for not brushing or flossing, they could be one of the unfortunate people (myself included) who have weak to hardly any enamel and get cavities easier. also, I would get another dentist to take a look before getting all 10 done. Have fun with your face numb! :)

1- That's rude.

Not really, it's a fact. If OP had have used a toothbrush or floss they won't have been in this situation.

Anyways, it's FML. Rude = funny on here.

xShannonxSammyx 7

The truth hurts

xShannonxSammyx 7

The truth hurts.

62- You know what else hurts? Cavities.

together we fight to keep the bad guy away. He's mean and he hurts and his name is Tooth Decay!

-101 He sounds hot, can I have him?

24- it's not a fact. It's a question. Do you see the "?" at the end of the sentence? That's usually how you know the difference. Fact: He owns a dog. Question: Does he own a dog? Opinion: He should own two dogs. See the difference? (that was a question)

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C4Z 0

Times 2 (:

Kayble89 13

Ten filings, when is the last time you were at a dentist? YDI for your nasty ass mouth

Not everyone can afford to go to a dentist regularly. Granted this FML is a bit extreme and lives is canada but,please don't act like the dentist is cheap.

Redhead99 16

Dentist may not be cheap but brushing your teeth at least once a day is

sunlovinmama 1

Dentist: you're gonna lose all your teeth. OP: why? Dentist: Cause if you never developed a relationship with Mr. Toothbrush by 19, I doubt you ever will. Seriously though, I've met some ppl with green fuzz on their teeth. Not attractive

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Do you people seriously have no better way to entertain yourselves but to jump to conclusions and post ridiculously ignorant comments on here? Who said OP never brushes their teeth? It's more up to genetics than dental hygiene than dentists would have you think (of course). Some people don't even own a toothbrush and have perfectly healthy teeth (but not the best breath), while others brush and floss and wash like crazy and still have sensitive teeth and frequently develop cavities.

Haha I can only imagine how rotten your teeth are here's a tooth brush use it

RainbowLuna 0

Lolz yes

gem6079 0

Dentists just want money. Money money money

I don't think a doctor would lie... Too risky... The doctor did go to school for years on end to be able to want money money money, so shush.

OP is Canadian anyways so what does it matter...

or does free health care not cover dental fees?

whats that supposed to mean..

dental is part of whatever benefits one receives through their employer, union, etc it's not all free you only get so much coverage

#94 The only time you get "free" dental care in Canada is if you are under 5 years old, you have private health insurance through your job, or you pay a private insurance company like Blue Cross. The Canadian government does not help towards teeth, eyes, or some other things (my daughter got a huge wart on her knee, and they won't freeze it off because it's "Not on her feet"). Our healthcare system is kind of a joke tho, my family doctor (They are called GP's in the states) is booking into *June 2017* for regular check-ups! Thats COMPLETE crap, I bet that kind of bullshit doesn't happen in the States. I would gladly pay the $50 (thats how much they charge if you don't show up without cancelling) to not have to wait 6 freaking years!

127, Even then, the healthcare system will try to find a loophole. For example, one man complained to the head of healthcare because his medical clinic refused to treat his teeth. Their reasoning was because there was "not enough substantial damage". About a month later, that man lost 3 teeth.

Fillings hurt! So you're just gonna tell him you want to lose the teeth, right? I mean my grandpa doesn't have any teeth and he's a cool guy

Fillings don't hurt that bad at all...

They hurt if the dentist doesn't freeze you fully

melibear89 7

A) fillings don't hurt. B). Your a post if you think the dentist freezes you. The dentist numbs you up not freeze you. How much of an idiot do you gotta be to think that

girl above^ is so cool you know just called a dude a post like wtf

damnalltheasshol 0

but when you have 10 it may sting a little

pigrhino 0

I had 8 done and it didn't hurt at all

That's nothing to brag about

I've had a filling on one of my front teeth... It's didn't hurt a bit and I didn't have any numbing or pain meds... Plus my pain tolerance is low.

cryssycakesx3 22

lol 119 you're* a "post"