By JMcKay - / Thursday 26 January 2012 03:36 / Australia
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  moop256  |  10

Proper revenge is in order. Start off small you know throw an egg at their locker and put pudding on the lock. Then write a gay love note for their male teacher who has a thing for 16-20 year old men. Sneeze in your hand and wipe it on their back. Form a nerd union and fight back be rebellious and be creative about your revenge.

  moop256  |  10

Proper revenge is I order start of slowly by egging his locker and putting pudding on his lock. Then throw a water melon at his locker leaves a nice big dent. Then leave a voicemail asking why he sucks so much then throw a water melon at him!!!

  elementalz  |  2

19- then the circle of revenge never stops eye for an eye best thing to do to stop it is don't respond we all know the jock is insecure so he has to do that stuff just walk away and you'll forget about it

  kevsnev  |  7

I have never witnessed that kind of bullying at my school ( jock vs. nerd ). But I'm a nerd myself and my friends are jocks so I don't know what to say. This post was pointless -_-

  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

And if they do see you (unlikely) you resort to the second defense plan: step to the side when they charge and use your "trip" ability, it's super effective and has a 20% chance for a critical hit.

  TexasMud  |  8

Reach into your pocket and pretend you're pulling out a gun.

That ought to stop him dead in his tracks

If this doesn't work pull out a pen and poke him

  Zelda210  |  0

Don't worry, the average jock has a very low IQ score, and is easily confused. Down on hands and knees, meow, and tada, you are ninja cat, enjoy!

  jizzwold  |  21

I think even saying most athletic people are douches is an ignorant statement. Maybe where you guys live is full of dicks but there are plenty of "nerdy" kids who are good at sports here.

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