By Anonymous - 06/12/2011 17:24

Today, I found out that if a cop asks you if you have any weapons, and you reply by saying "only these guns" while flexing your biceps, they won't take it very well. And neither will the cops down at the station. FML
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Why would you say that?

It always works on the ladies. At least at math club get togethers and stuff.

That took balls to say. Im proud if you

Something tells me that cops, even ladycops, aren't interested in the "guns" the OP's brandishing. :)

rallets 22

i do that everytime a cop asks me that, guess that cop didnt have a sense of humor

Schizomaniac 24

Or maybe the cops you say it to just feel unthreatened. You know. For..various reasons.

rallets 22

nah, its not that lol good try tho

tehrealone 6

I usually shrug and suspiciously reach into my jacket... It never ends well

usually implies you did it more than once which is extraordinarily unlikely...

Did you at least kiss them to show your love for your guns? He probably would have let you go after that...

If it wasn't a hot female cop, ydi.

tjv3 10

You ifiot

#5 is it weird that I have never seen a lady cop before?

sunsetsbetween56 3

134: Decipher in 3.2.1 go!

LMAO I thumbed up 134 because I thought that word was funny :) You IFIOT!

Don't listen to the cops, you're a champ.

Isaac_The_Man 0

When he walks towards the car you gotta play the cops them song

Goddamn OP you must be trippin!! OP- *face plants* Officer- drop your weapons and put your hands up OP- *insert stupid smart ass comment here* Officer- you are arrested! OP- you're right, I am feeling very rested!!

What would make this funnier is if OP is actually a girl...dun dun dun...

Lol until they handcuff you

Isaac_The_Man 0

I.. Really don't get what your trying to say

214- kinky!!

YDI for being a douchebag.

Your comments are always the best lol

You spelled iPod wrong in your description

Overused comment.

Hasn't been funny since Red Foreman.

KiddNYC1O 20

I wouldn't laugh at Red Foreman.


jwade11 12

I think even the dumbest person would know not to say shit like that around cops. It should be common sense.

I think you mean tool? Cause really....who else?

leogirl95 12

...and what have you been up to to make a cop ask you that question in the first place? Ydi.

Sorry, but the last time I checked, making a stupid joke is NOT illegal. So I don't understand why it was necessary for the cops to take OP down to the station.

They could claim you threatened an officer of the law t I think they were just scared because you're so hench.

Well OP didn't say that was why he was taken down to the station, it could have been a different reason. Besides if they want they can hold hom for 48 hours with no valid reason.

superrnovaa 7

need to work out?

Right? They evidently were not big enough! lol

That makes no sense . Obviously the cop felt threatened .. :p

gabrielbaby 9

I-I work out!

Why all the negatives? I found it humorous

lmfao_shame 9


104- wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle YEAH!

mimeshadow 1

Its like at the airport. Never say u have a bomb or anything like it because they take it VERY seriously.

I didn't know that. (sarcasm -.-)

17, how do you do it? You know, suck yourself. did you remove the lower 2 ribs?

flockz 19

guy-"hey babe you're the bomb when it comes to handjobs" babe-"aww thanks swee--" *gets tackled* officer-"GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND!! BACKUP, I NEED BACKUP!"

Thats why you go up and ask the security guard You: "wanna know the difference between a dead baby and a bomb" Guard:"what?!?!?" You:"theres no bomb in my suitcase :D"

I like to yell 'BOMB! SHE HAS A BOMB' and point to my sister at the airports.

tweetypie 18

Ooh this looks like fun, let me try. Record producer to artist: Rp- You da BOMB. Seriously you boutta BLOW UP. You gonna be making a lot of DEAD PRESIDENTS (money) soon.

I'm quite positive you would have to go to security in doing so ? Good try though .

At 165 ..

Yeah one time my friend said that front if the white house and then proceeded to get pummeled by 3 security guards

but what if you do have a bomb

Cops are bullshit.

Susieee_Q 9

Ugh. I hate the smell of ignorance....

Llama_Face89 33

Cops are a necessary staple of society. Pretty sure civilization would crumble completely without law enforcement.

Oh man I wish we could favorite comments

Wow. Think before you post a comment...

Some cops can be ass holes, but not all are. I mean society would crumble without em' but some should never have been hired

Cops only become needed in human society when there becomes a gap in human society between those that have those that don't

138, you obviously are not in emergency services. Cops are needed for the same reason firefighters and medics are.

Face it. We are living in a police state.

Am I the only member of the anarchy party? Oh wait....

m0tl3ycru3 0

Never there when you need them, always there when you don't.

m0tl3ycru3 0

Never there when you need them always there when you don't

Turboblaze 0

You are bullshit

They obviously don't have a sense of humor. :$

cptmorgan6 8

Hmm... Maybe it's because they're paid to take things seriously. Just a guess, though.

Nah, cop's just jealous that his glock doesn't have as much firepower as OP

Bam bam bam!! OP will do some damage!

sunsetsbetween56 3

I find this absolutely hilarious!

Incredibly stupendous

BehindU 5

Cops never find it as funny as you do.

sunsetsbetween56 3

144: If that was directed to me, which I am assuming because it's a response to my original comment, and obviously you wouldn't just be trying to get your comment closer to the top of the list. Then I'd say; good thing I'm not the op and I can think this is super funny.

You sound like an obnoxious twat.

He sounds like a boss

Twat? You sound like a dumbass..

Twat is a hilarious insult!!

Damn, don't be so judge mental.

125- thank you it's my favourite insult (who wouldn't love calling someone a pregnant fish). All I'm saying is he sounds like a twat because he feels the need to try and be funny in front of figures of authority, most likely to boast to friends later on. I think that's pathetic behaviour.

They were probably just pissed off because they hear it a lot.

Rule of thumb, don't do that unless you're Gabriel Iglesias. Fluffy is always funnier.