By Anonymous - 6/12/2011 17:24
Today, I found out that if a cop asks you if you have any weapons, and you reply by saying "only these guns" while flexing your biceps, they won't take it very well. And neither will the cops down at the station. FML
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Not as bad as when my brother in law and I were coming back from Canada and he was being a smartass to the border agents. And when they asked him who he worked for, he said "uncle Sam" (he was in the army) and they nearly detained us. There's a time and place for being an ass...

  graham11  |  14

Goddamn OP you must be trippin!!
OP- *face plants*
Officer- drop your weapons and put your hands up
OP- *insert stupid smart ass comment here*
Officer- you are arrested!
OP- you're right, I am feeling very rested!!

  CANNIBALx  |  0

Sorry, but the last time I checked, making a stupid joke is NOT illegal. So I don't understand why it was necessary for the cops to take OP down to the station.

  Kiernan151  |  25

Well OP didn't say that was why he was taken down to the station, it could have been a different reason. Besides if they want they can hold hom for 48 hours with no valid reason.

  flockz  |  19

guy-"hey babe you're the bomb when it comes to handjobs"
babe-"aww thanks swee--"
*gets tackled*

  dannyboy66  |  7

Thats why you go up and ask the security guard
You: "wanna know the difference between a dead baby and a bomb"
You:"theres no bomb in my suitcase :D"

  tweetypie  |  18

Ooh this looks like fun, let me try.
Record producer to artist:
Rp- You da BOMB. Seriously you boutta BLOW UP. You gonna be making a lot of DEAD PRESIDENTS (money) soon.

By  SuckItTrolls  |  7

Cops are bullshit.


144: If that was directed to me, which I am assuming because it's a response to my original comment, and obviously you wouldn't just be trying to get your comment closer to the top of the list. Then I'd say; good thing I'm not the op and I can think this is super funny.

  Feklfekl2222  |  32

125- thank you it's my favourite insult (who wouldn't love calling someone a pregnant fish). All I'm saying is he sounds like a twat because he feels the need to try and be funny in front of figures of authority, most likely to boast to friends later on. I think that's pathetic behaviour.